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How to Buy a Shooting Vest
by Wisconsin in Sports & Fitness
Shooting sports can be both individually satisfying and great bonding experiences for families. Regular visits to the shooting range can help teach and hone visual acuity, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as well as increase confidence and self-esteem. Shooting is, however, a relatively gear-intensive sport. You must have a firearm, ammunition and targets, plus all the gear specifical
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Gun Shooting Tutorial
by Glenntoy in Sports & Fitness
Whether you're hunting, shooting for recreation or learning to shoot for the purpose of self-defense, a sound grip and stance are essential. In order to shoot accurately, you must observe the rules of proper form. Practice and study are integral to good shooting. GripYour grip on the gun is the base for all stable and controlled shooting. Grip a pistol high up on the handle, with the web betwee

Gun Shooting Techniques
by Timo in Sports & Fitness
Accuracy is the primary goal of gun marksmanship. Although the definition of accuracy will vary from small pistols to rifles, most all marksmen want to get their shots closer to their intended targets. And while there is no substitute for practice, there are a few techniques that when applied to your gun shooting will produce a noticeable improvement. Trigger Control and Sight PictureWhile th

Gun Shooting Tips
by Tristan in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Shooting guns, namely pistols, is a fun hobby that can release stress and tension and is also an important skill so that if you ever need to use a gun for your own defense, you will know how to use it. Pistols are very powerful and dangerous tools and must be used with the utmost caution and respect, so knowing how to shoot and handle a gun are very important things to learn. And on the lighter si
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The Best Shooting Bags
by NesuD in Sports & Fitness
Whether you're sighting in your hunting rifle before deer season, shooting in a benchrest competition, or just plinking with friends, it's important to have a stable and adjustable foundation for your rifle. Shooting bags are bags filled with media, usually shot or sand, that provide a platform for your long gun. A good shooting bag is stable enough to rest your rifle on and yet still adjustable e
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PS2 Shooting Games
by godihatework in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Video games in the shooting genre for Sony's PlayStation 2 console offer players a variety of game-play experiences by providing different points of view, an array of guns, and stories based in modern and historical times. While some PlayStation 2 shooting games challenge players to complete serious missions, others present their material more jokingly. Silent Hill 2Konami released "Silent Hill
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PVC Shooting Projects
by wraith in Hobbies, Games & Toys
PVC, short for polyvinyl chloride, can be shaped into many different toys or other shooting-related projects. By using PVC fittings, the pipe can easily resemble a gun or be turned into a simple mechanical device such as a target. You can even create a powerful water gun that connects to a garden hose or operates using a simple pump. PVC bows and crossbows are also possible and relatively accurate

N64 Shooting Games
by CurrentlyPissed in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Nintendo 64, or N64, is a video game system that was released by Nintendo in 1997. The N64 featured many games that were developed by Nintendo and other software designers, but some of its most popular games were shooting titles. These games allowed players to take control of secret agents, soldiers or aliens and blast their way through levels filled with enemies. GoldeneyeSome shooting gam
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How to Use a Shooting Tripod
by Ubermateo in Electronics
A tripod is used most often in video work and slow shutter speed photography. The device stabilizes the camera to reduce shake and allow for precise positioning. Tripods come in a variety of styles and have numerous features, but most tripods have a few basic elements: three collapsible legs, the head attachment, a few levels and a pan handle. These elements can help you ensure the tripod is strai
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How to Use a Shooting Chronograph
by orneka in Sports & Fitness
For serious shooters, archers and ammunition re-loaders, knowing the speed of a bullet can be vital. A shooting chronograph allows this information to be recorded. The chronograph unit has two optical sensor "eyes" that detect movement. By timing a bullet as it passes over these sensors, the chronograph can calculate the speed. This speed information allows shooters to fine-tune their loads and kn

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