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How to Make Your Reusable Shopping Bags Part of Your Shopping Routine
by AFurryReptile in Home & Garden
Green living is in; however, keeping at it can be challenging. For example, remembering to bring a reusable shopping bag with you to the grocery store doesn't happen automatically. You may have all the intent in the world, but it won't do you any good if you don't create new habits. However, once you get into a routine, it will become second nature to you to grab those bags before you head to the

How Does Grocery Shopping Online Compare to Store Shopping?
by Rhoxed in Food & Drink
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How to integrate shopping cart in android shopping app
by gqlewis in Android

I doing shopping cart application using android phone for my final year project. I am a total beginner in android programming. I did read several books and looked into forum but most forum did not show complete tutorial. I am trying to make an application whereby the user will start from scanning a qr code and will be shown the item description such as name, description and price.user can sel

Disadvantages of Online Shopping Vs. Traditional Shopping
by nonkelhans in Business
The Internet is a powerful tool for research, communication and commerce, which gives businesses a means to promote and sell products without renting out retail store space. Online shopping offers certain advantages over brick-and-mortar stores, such as allowing customers to purchase products at any time of the day, but Internet-based shopping also has some significant drawbacks. Shipping Costs

Differences Between Shopping at a Mall & Online Shopping
by Bas in Education
One of the biggest differences between shopping at a mall and shopping online is time. It takes longer to travel to a mall and find items, check out and travel homes than to turn on your computer and click through a purchase. Comparing prices is faster online, too. However, comparing quality is usually simpler at a mall and getting the perfect fit in is much easier when there is a dressing room av

Magento shopping cart 'Get a Quote' & 'Update Total' buttons redirects out of shopping cart
by Jouni in Programming Languages

So my issue is when a customer uses the 'Get a Quote' feature for their shipping and tax, after they choose their country, state, zip - and when the 'Get a Quote' button is pressed, it then redirects them to the home page (index) of the site. The quote does successfully appear in the cart, but you have to click back into the cart to see it after you're redirected. Secondarily, when you go back

Ecommerce::Shopping cart::Where should i store shopping cart data in session or in database
by ioudas in Databases

Where should I store shopping cart data in session or in database?
(I think in amazon.com shopping cart after user logout and after month login again his orders that he choose in shopping cart saved)

Google Shopping atom feed and actual google shopping website data
by Mahesh in Development Tools & Services

i am using google shopping api to get the sellers data as an atom feed but sometimes the google atom feed have less shops that the actual number of shops that i can see on the google shopping website when using the same search keyword or ean code.

what might cause this, are the there options for shops to make their product data hidden in the atom feed?!

How to update shopping cart Qty (Shopping cart is made in MVC architecture )
by Dopey in Programming Languages

I have created following view for shopping cart display

@{int i = 0;}
<% foreach (var item in Model.Lines) { %>
<%= Html.ActionLink("Delete Item", "RemoveFromCart", new { isbn = item.bk.ISBN })%>
<td style="text-align:left">
<%= Html.Encode

Django shopping app?
by l1feh4ck3r in Web Design

We are developing a django app for several restaurants, it's like a shopping chart.

We need the restaurant admins to be able to create their own restaurants, menus and products, and clients must be able to browse the menus and choose the products and confirm their delivery, like a shopping app, which is the best approach? Are there django apps/snippets that simplifies this task ?

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