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Coco2d add UIalert or UITextField,first time can show normal ,but next show will badly show two times
by Sankarsan Bose in Operating Systems

Coco2d add UIalert,first time can show normal ,but next show will badly show two times,and when i add UITextField to cocos2d for input player information,when I leave this scene ,I 'm
sure UITextField have been release ,but in other scene this UITextField still on the screen

jQuery - if div height over 'x', show only content within the visible div, add an image and scroll up to show full div
by Hai Nguyen in Programming Languages

Apologies, I'm very new to jQuery.
I am trying to apply jQuery to a div which could contain any number of p tags of varying length or none at all. Depending on the assembled p's this div needs to maintain a height of 45px. If the p's contained therein push the div to be higher than 45px then I need to add an anchor image which users can click allowing the div to slide up and reveal the d

Linq2sql join query to show list of names but only show ones that have record in another table
by Stone in Programming Languages

I have an employee table and I am currently filling the combo box with the names in that table. I also have related table called expenseHdr that contains the employee pk. My table structure looks like this:

employees expenseHdr
empPk expPk
name expenseType

Right now it is filtering the names but it is re

How to show preload image during loading page and also how to show in middle of dynamic conent in php
by toutatis in PHP

I have popup modalbox Iframe which can be open by onclick function using jquery. It's open fine. And in Iframe popup dynamic content is displayed. But it takes some time. I want to put preload image until content of Iframe is displayed. For example:

$('#preloadingImgDiv').fadeIn('slow', function() {});
url ='something.php?somethingname='+somethingname+'&somethingi

Facebook “Like Box” Does Not Show - Requires To Login To Show Profile Pictures of Others Who liked
by aafr in Development Tools & Services

Pretty much what the title says - I want the facebook "Like" plugin to show regardless if you are logged in or logged out of facebook.

The plugin should show the facebook faces and likes but will ONLY show if you are logged into facebook.

If you are logged out... it shows "Login To See This Content" and below it.. It doesn't show profile pictures or "likes" for my plugi

jQuery slide show with thumbnail show hide and thumb next/prev option
by bauer100 in Programming Languages

I need a jQuery slideshow plugin with the ability to display the next and previous items as a thumbnail and also thumbnail show and hide on hover like this.

Just go through this link and you will find a camera icon on slide show just hover that icon then you can understand what I am looking for.

JQuery using the click event handler. How do I keep all the elements from not show only have one element show one at time?
by highland145 in Web Design

In jquery using the click event handler. How do I keep all the elements from not show but only have one element show one at time to what is related when I click on it?.

My example page: http://chrism.net46.net/final-ff-IX/summoners-paintings.html

Using a image map. I have ten "hot spots", each a monster painting and 10 divs with information about each painti

Haskell type error: Could not deduce (Show a) arising from a use of `show' from the context (Num a)
by DSLer in Programming Languages

I am configuring xmonad, and since I have to start a couple of dzen instances, I decided that it could be better to use a function that takes the parameters for x and y position, width, height and text align:

-- mydzen.hs
import Data.List
-- | Return a string that launches dzen with the given configuration.
myDzen :: Num a => a -> a -> a -> Char ->

Radio buttons result show on body onload in show/hide div
by Vietnam in Programming Languages

This shows result on selected radio button. I have a problem, when the page is refreshed no div shows and no result displays. I want show the Carsbuy div on page refresh.

$(document).ready(function() {
$("input[name$='mode']").click(function() {
var test = $(this).val();
$("#Cars" + test).s

How to show folders and don't show private files on the Google Drive Picker?
by ShiggityShaw in Web Design

I'm new to the Google Picker, and I played a little bit with it. I'm working in a project were you can select a file, but I don't want to show private files in the picker, and to show folders instead of showing all the files without an order.

I have this code:

<script type="text/javascript">
// Use the Google Loader script to load the google.picker

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