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How do I run a simple EJB? I have a simple client, and a simple Session Bean created via Eclipse
by monkee in Programming Languages

I'm a newbie to Java and to EJB. Want to create a simple EJB.

So I've created an EJB Project via Eclipse (Eclipse Java EE IDE Juno Service Release 1 Build ID: 20120920-0800). Then I've added a Stateless Session Bean there with Remote and Local interfaces. Then I added a simple method that just returns a sum of 2 numbers. Here is the code:



I need a very simple PHP database front-end admin panel; a simple records editor for a specified table
by JackBurton in PHP

I am looking to add some dynamics to our corporate website. This is a secondary role so I'd rather not be spending a ton of time on it.

At this point, all I need is a simple PHP script where a non-technical user can pull up and manage the records in a MySQL table. There's only one table of data to be managed; it's just that it will be accessed and updated quite frequently.

How to create simple post/get API making simple calling to GAE database using Google App Engine?
by postmortemIA in Programming Languages

How to create simple post/get API making simple calling to GAE database using Google App Engine? Like create DB item retrive and delete. How to acsess it after you created it?

inner join between Simple and Grouped products filter by Attributes of simple product (Magento)
by Brian Drum in Programming Languages

I am trying to show Grouped Products list based on attributes of its associated simple products. Right now i am doing like below

- Create a collection of simple products and add attribute filters like color,brand etc., like below
$productCollection = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->getCollection()

I need exact simple instructions for placing a simple hyperlink to a web site in a java android application
by deom2i in Java

I am a PHP programmer who is having to do some work in the android development environment. I have 2 books on this and have tried 30 search engine topics and still have not found just a simple example of everything that you need to do to place a working hyperlink in a Java android application.
I just need a very simple but complete ingredient for doing so. I have the 2.2 android developme

Does anyone have any simple JEXL examples using a loop. I am looking to iterate around a simple Array to output various string values?
by walkur in Programming Languages

Does anyone have any simple JEXL examples using a loop. I am looking to iterate around a simple object arraylist to output various string values?

python, GoogleAppEnginge having trouble converting a string to an integer to do a simple simple math equation
by Gerle in Development Tools & Services
Attention: I solved the issue

I didn't want to cause anyone to waste their time trying to fix this code, since I've discovered the issue. Everyone who tried to help will get upvotes for it.

Here's the issue I discovered the issue myself and feel incredibly stupid for making this mistake.

The mistake is in my HTML code. I accidentally named a bunch of the fields to

Break down JSON string in simple perl or simple unix?
by Hosein Mohtasham in Programming Languages

ok so i have have this

{"status":0,"id":"7aceb216d02ecdca7ceffadcadea8950-1","hypotheses":[{"utterance":"hello how are you","confidence":0.96311796}]}

and at the moment i'm using this shell command to decode it to get the string i need,

echo $x | grep -Po '"utterance":.*?[^]"' | sed -e s/://g -e s/utterance//g -e 's/"//g'

I need a very simple way for my VB.NET program to 'phone home' (i.e. send a simple message)
by Liy in VB & VBnet

I used to get it to send an email, but this seems to only work half of the time.

I just need a relatively fail-safe way to send a ~20KB plain text message to somewhere I, the developer, can access on the Internet.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Ruby Programming Techniques: simple yet not so simple object manipulation
by errornosignal in Coding

I want to create an object, let's say a Pie.

class Pie
def initialize(name, flavor)
@name = name
@flavor = flavor

But a Pie can be divided in 8 pieces, a half or just a whole Pie. For the sake of argument, I would like to know how I could give each Pie object a price per 1/8, 1/4 or per whole. I could do this


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