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How would I simulate TCP-RTM using/in NS2?
Category : Network & Servers

Here is a paper named "TCP-RTM: Using TCP for Real Time Multimedia Applications" by Sam Liang, David Cheriton.

This paper is to adapt tcp to be used in Real time application.
The two major modification which i actually want you to help me are:

On application-level read on the TCP connection, if there is no in sequence data queued to read but one or more out-of-order p

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C : How to simulate an EOF?
Category : Programming Languages

I am currently reading K&R's book and typing in the examples from the first section, and there are a couple of examples such as this:

while((c = getchar()) != EOF) {
//do something

I am testing these examples on a Windows box and thus running the compiled exe files from the cmd prompt.

To test the example above, ho

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Can I simulate NFC-V tag?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm working on a NFC application which would be using NFC-V tags with ISO 15693 specification. Unfortunately, I do not have a NFC enabled phone at the moment. I wanted to know if I can simulate the behavior of the NFC-V tags in some way.
I know the Android developer website has a NFC Demo, which has a class called FakeTagsActivity. But, that uses NDEF messages. This will not be compatible

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How to simulate different NAT behaviours
Category : Network & Servers

I am working on Holepunching using UDP and UDT. For the final testing I need to test the application on different NAT types (Symmetric,full cone,restricted cone, port restricted NATs).

Is there any method I can simulate these? What I expect here is some kind of virtual-Box setup. Can I use PC as a router so that I can configure according to my needs?

In general how do w

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How to simulate Keystrokes in C#?
Category : C & C++ & C#

Google gives this but it seems to only work for a WindowsForms class. I'm completely new to C#. What I'm trying to make is a program that monitors for an event, and then (for example), acts as if the 'H' key has been pressed. I don't really want to worry about what the active window is or anything, or sending a keystroke to an application, I just want the program to act as if I have physically

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How to simulate [L] in .htaccess
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have a .htaccess file with a number of RewriteRules.

How can I exclude already existing files and directories from having run through each of the RewriteCond / RewriteRule pairs?


RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} -f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} -d
RewriteRule .* - [F,L]

won't work reliab

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How to simulate inner exception in C++
Category : C & C++ & C#

Basically I want to simulate .NET Exception.InnerException in C++. I want to catch exception from bottom layer and wrap it with another exception and throw again to upper layer. The problem here is I don't know how to wrap the catched exception inside another exception.

struct base_exception : public std::exception
std::exception& InnerException;

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How to simulate interrupts in C/C++?
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to design an artificial learning unit. Naturally I want to simulate the model before microcontroller implementation. The main issue with simulation is trying to simulate microcontroller sensor interrupts (say with a PIC18). I'm not so much looking at actually causing an interrupt as I am trying to simulate one with code.

I guess this simply boils down to basic C/C++

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How to simulate a message bus in Qt?
Category : Web Design

I need to implement a simple message bus:

One process only thus no need do D-Bus.
Publish/subscribe to typed events (Could even be QObjects)

I was thinking of using QSignalMapper to tag the "named events", then re-emitting from a slot or connecting the publishers signal to the subscriber's signal...

Any suggestions thoughts? Or should I go for the relatively s

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Can i simulate a key press?
Category : Web Design

The same way its possible to manually:


to simulate the item has been clicked (so any attached event will be fired)

can we do the same with the keyboard keys?

something like:

e.key = '27';

$(window).keyDown(e); ?

so its simulated the ESCAPE key

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