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How to display the site name and site list,library available in the site collection using sharepoint client object model
by Salikh in Software

How to display the site name and site list, library available in the site collection using sharepoint client object model on sharepoint 2010

Multilingual sharepoint Site Creation - The Site definition I have developed does not appear to create site
by Wesley D. Radcliffe in Web Design

I am new to Sharepoint.

Currently I am using VS 2005, WSS 3.0 for creating a site definition. My requirement is to create a site definition with master pages, web parts, etc... I have created a site definition in VS 2005 using team site definition option. deployed the developed site definition to sharepoint.

When I try to create site using the site definition I deployed

define a global site template (html site) for site with jQuery / RoR
by Matias in Programming Languages

We are building a new website with RoR on the backend (server side) and jQuery on the client side (*.htm files).

Right now, every new page that i create i need to copy all the "common areas" to any other page (like header, footer, menu, etc.).

Fairly retoric question: is there any way to "templetize it" so one page inherit the template from another.

I know t

How to prevent a site to show exit confirmation (the site is opened in a pop up from your site)?
by vik in Programming Languages

I have a php based website and I am making a site to open in a pop up and I need to open another site in the same pop up after a specific period of time (it is a kind of a website rotator).

It is working fine for most of the websites, but when a website opens which has an exit confirmation, the rotator stops as a dialog box opens, saying something like are you sure you want to leav

How do I pass Variables from my site to another site without leaving my site?
by Geoff The in Programming Languages

I would like to be able to send variables to another website without actually going to the website using php.

I am building an ecommerce website where the shipping warehouse is being outsourced. After the person checks out with their products, I would like to send some variables over to the shipper's website using $_GET['vars']. This is a completely different URL. The problem is, I

ASP.NET deploy to IIS7: To default site root, app in default site, or separate site?
by jbcrail in Development Tools & Services

I'm sort of new to IIS7, and I sort of get the differences between sites, applications, and virtual dirs. However, I'm not quite sure what the best deployment approach would be for my specific situation.

I have a clean windows '08 server VM with a IIS/asp.net set up. I set up an FTP site with C:inetpubwwwroot as the FTP root thinking I could do a quick "copy site" from VS to this

Hide lists from “All Site Content” page of SharePoint site
by glenn1 in Software

I wonder if there is a way to hide some document library lists that are shown when the user navigates to the "All Site Content" page in SharePoint, and I wonder if there is a programmatic way to achieve this. (If possible using WSS).

I need to hide many lists from this view, these lists will be accessed from the links inside a link list (this link list is the only I want the user t

Can I change an an existing virtualenv to ignore global site packages? (like --no-site-package on a new one)
by Timothy in Programming Languages

I can create a new virtualenv that ignores global site-packages with "--no-site-package". Is it possible to change an existing virtualenv (which was created without "--no-site-package") to also ignore the global site-packages? (So that it workes like it was created with "--no-site-package" in the first place.)

thanks in advance,


Maven: Result of Antrun is in target, but not in output of site-stage and site-deploy. Why?
by ferpaz in Web Design

I have configured the ant-run-plugin to run in the post-site phase. By the way, it transforms to findbugs-report. I find its result in my target/site-folder. Calling site-stage produces the entire multi-module site in an extra directory. There, my transformed findbugs-report is missing. Why is that?

I assumend stage-site copies the pieces from every target/site to my stating direct

Best practice for creating a public site and private admin site using Ruby on Rails?
by Stjepan in Coding

If I am creating a Ruby on Rails app consisting of a public web site and a private administration web site, what is the best practice for doing this in Ruby on Rails?

I want to make sure I am sticking with the DRY principle and avoid duplicating functionality such as CRUD operations. The most logical solution I've come across is to create RESTful services to handle these tasks an

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