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Running Multiple Sites with Django's Sites Framework through Gunicorn/Nginx
by Floubadour in Development Tools & Services

I have a Django based CMS that uses Django's sites framework and Nginx/Apache/mod_wsgi virtual hosts to run a number of websites on different domains. We're assessing other options for a Django stack and have the CMS running with a single site on a new server with Nginx proxying to Gunicorn (gunicorn_django, specifically).

Although this works great for a single site, I'm not sure ho

How do sites count other sites' visitors and “value”, and how can they tell users' location?
by Master843 in Web Design

Hi actually this is a simple question but just came up out of the curiosity...

I have seen a web evaluation online tool recently called teqpad.com.I have lots of queries on it

How do they do it?? eg:page views daily visitors etc. without mapping real website??...
Website worth...is this getting any near to any site??
I don't know how do they got daily revenue??
How to get unique users across multiple Django sites powered by the “sites” framework?
by miceno in Coding

I am building a Django site framework which will power several independent sites, all using the same apps but with their own templates. I plan to accomplish this by using multiple settings-files and setting a unique SITE_ID for them, like suggested in the Django docs for the django.contrib.sites framework

However, I don't want a user from site A to be able to login on site B. After

Request : I am able to apply masger page (v4.master) for child sites and parent sites. But not able to view changes for users other than Admin
by baylisscg in Software

In sharepoint 2010, with Admin login can view master page changes in parent and child sites(i.e. all) but others users (who are readers, contributers,etc)login can view changes in Child sites but not parent sites.
Please help me.
thanks in advance.

How to Block All Sites Except Approved Sites With Group Policy
by DonMac in Computers
The Internet is an important medium to obtain various kinds of information. Unfortunately, sometimes this information can be offensive, serve as a distraction to those in a professional or school environment, or even give your computer unwanted tracking cookies or viruses. In such cases, it is important to know how to restrict information to users whether at home or at the office. There are variou

How to Block All Sites Except the Approved Sites List
by hovergirl in Computers
Every parent knows that the Web is not always a safe place for children. Use the Allow and Block List feature of the Windows Parental Controls to restrict websites, except for those you approve, for a user account on your operating system. The controls are easy to set and can give you peace of mind while your children surf the Internet.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Log in to Windows wi

How to display other sites content in our sites with out using iframe?
by google-app-engine in Programming Languages

How to display other sites content in our sites with out using iframe?
Is it possible to load one sites file details in our site with out using the iframe.

Configuring Apache vhost: sites having inner sites. possible?
by chr6 in Development Tools & Services

i am wondering if i am doing some thing wrong

i have http://localhost pointing to the directory D:ProjectsWebsites

then i want to create a inner site http://learningzf in D:ProjectsWebsitesphpendFrameworkLearningZFpublic. this is so that i can use URL's like /users/login instead of specifying the full url<

How to test multiple sites in django project using sites framework/multiple settings
by in Coding

I have a project that shares a database among many wsgi apps (sites framework from contrib is in heavy use). Each wsgi app has it's own module in project dir with it's own settings.py that extend global_settings.py in main project dir (each settings file simply imports * from global_settings). Also some sites have their own urls and extra views/templates that cannot be tested globa

How third party sites can check if user agreed/pass sth on my site, so they can let him pass sth on their sites?
by Charlie98 in Web Design

How third party sites can check if user agreed to something(i.e. click ok)/pass some test on my site, so they can let him pass to some hidden resources on ther site? The problem is, user should not be asked to register on those third party sites, and i give those sites only javascript to paste into their code and merely button and some text.

If it will help, i am using django.

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