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How to Save all edited-situations and resume all the situations from the last time when opening Emacs again
by Piriya in Web Design

I learned that to add those codes in .emacs can make Emacs saves automatically all situations before quitting and start it next time, Emacs can show the last situation and go on editing it.

(load "desktop")
(add-hook 'kill-emacs-hook
'(lambda()(desktop-save "~/")))

but this codes makes a pro

Use of Force Situations
by teabagbrewster in Legal
We all want to protect our families and ourselves from crime. We also want to be safe from excessive force on the part of the police or vigilantes. This requires a balance of rights and considerations. Courts do this kind of balancing when someone uses force to prevent a crime. State laws set the rules for the use of force; rules can vary from state to state. The most significant differences are i
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How to log exceptional situations in C++?
by Cogman in C & C++ & C#

When writing a function, my implementation very frequently looks like this:

Call a subfunction
If this subfunction fails to execute (because of an exceptional situation): log this failure and abort the current function
Otherwise continue calling other subfunctions, which in turn can fail

A crucial part is the logging. Every function that fails should add a short descr

How to Make the Best of Bad Situations
by GreenChile in Health
Everyone experiences bad situations at some point. Adversity can happen as a result of a death, loss of financial stability or other factors beyond our control. Making the best of a bad situation is a challenge but using these steps can help you overcome the obstacles in your life.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Accept your present condition. Adversity is a part of life and beyond your control.

How to validate properties in 2 different situations in mvc 2 app?
by Soccer55 in Programming Languages

please help me with asp.net MVC 2 application.

I have class:

public class Account
public string AccountCode{ get; set; }
public string BankName{ get; set; }

And another one:

public class BankPageModel
public bool Account

In what situations are Django formsets used?
by CodeAndLearn in Web Design

I am a beginner with Django. In what situations are Django formsets used? (In real applications.)

Please give some examples.

In what situations are 'out' parameters useful (where 'ref' couldn't be used instead)?
by Shrek Qian in Programming Languages

As far as I can tell, the only use for out parameters is that a caller can obtain multiple return values from a single method invocation. But we can also obtain multiple result values using ref parameters instead!

So are there other situations where out parameters could prove useful and where we couldn't use ref parameters instead?

How to Use Everyday Situations to Train Your Dog
by Per in Pets
As a full-time dog trainer for a over 15 years, I have often heard the phrase: "I've had a very busy week and did not have time to train my dog." I understand, and that's the reason I show dog owners ways to incorporate training into everyday situations such as mealtimes, walking your dog and going through the door with your dog. These are all chances for a quick training session. Here is how to i

Is it ok to Swallow SocketExceptions in some situations?
by destrekor in Programming Languages

Let's say I've programmed an application which connects to a server using the Socket Class (TCP). If I encounter a SocketException while reading or writing, then obviously I have to do go ahead and run a disconnection routine to change the application's state to Disconnected.

But what if I've started to Disconnect, and while I'm cleaning up, a SocketException occurs?


Good Stocks for All Situations
by kamyar in Personal Finance
While all stocks have risk and can decline in value, the stocks of certain companies can offer investors more stability than others. Instead of just providing a return through price appreciation, many of these stocks also provide investors with a return through dividends. Dividends are payments made to shareholders from a company's profits. These stable stocks can provide investors with a positive


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