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Ways That Interpersonal Communications Skills Differ From Business Communication Skills
by hovergirl in Business
Large corporations are no longer faceless entities that filter out information to the masses on an "as-needed" basis. In the same vein, small businesses connect with people at a grass-roots level and using social media and technology. Although business communication has, in many instances, taken on a much more personal, or social, nature, there are some key differences between strictly business an

Activities for Learning Communication Skills for Social Skills Groups
by doctorbigtime in Education
The primary purpose of social skills groups is to take individuals lacking in social skills – especially communication skills – and place them into an environment in which they can improve their social function via the practice of social skills. In such a group, communication activities are integral. Because of the wide number of possibilities of communication troubles in individuals,

Importance of Management and Leadership on People Skills & Technical Skills
by Stone in Business
Companies that often use managers to guide and assist in the completion of projects and campaigns will specifically look for managers who have a certain skill set. These skills include effective people skills and some technical skills. The manager must also be an overall leader for the employees working on the project. However, simply because one person has people and technical skills does not mak

What is the Difference Between Comprehension Skills & Critical Thinking Skills?
by zokudu in Education
The differences between comprehension skills and critical thinking skills are subtle. The former can be regarded as skills that aid in understanding something that is being read or heard. The latter, on the other hand, are skills that allow the person to delve deeper into what is going on through analysis, application and evaluation. Critical ThinkingCritical thinking skills include skepticism,

Should I Put Professional Skills or Technical Skills on My Resume?
by David in Business
Job seekers and careerists tweak their resumes all the time. You really should tailor your resume for every job you want; your resume isn't a one-size-fits-all document. Ideally, you should provide prospective employers with a version of your resume that meets their requirements so you can improve your chances for an interview. In addition, if you're already employed and looking for advancement op

Activities on Communication Skills Related to Job Skills
by bicho44 in Business
Successful workers need a number of communication skills, including the ability to communicate clearly in writing, the ability to speak professionally over the telephone and the ability to ask and answer interview questions in a professional and intelligent manner. Students can learn these skills through practicing with peers as well as by gaining real-world experience. Phone Etiquette Activit

What Are Soft Skills & Life Skills?
by cashshadow in Relationships & Family
Some people go through life with apparent ease while their peers with access to similar resources struggle. Life skills such as critical and creative thinking, decision-making, communication and interpersonal relations make a big difference to the success a person achieves. Of all these skills, those that equip a person to fit into a social structure are known as soft skills. Reading, Writing a

How Are Administrative Skills Different From Management Skills?
by kanda in Business
While some people might use "administrative skills" and "management skills" interchangeably, these are two distinct areas. In business, administrative skills focus on areas of planning and policies. Management skills, however, deal with actually putting different plans and policies into operation. Administrative skills include creating an annual budget, while management skills consist of finding e

Study Skills & Organizational Skills
by squarecut1 in Education
Study skills and organizational skills can come in handy in a wide variety of situations, from studying for an exam to managing a heavy workload to running a household efficiently. Individuals can master study skills and organizational skills in a variety of ways, and these skills can have a wide-ranging impact on productivity. Setting PrioritiesOne of the most useful organizational skills an i

Difference Between Fine Motor Skills & Gross Motor Skills
by Justin Blanton in Parenting
Motor skills are the movements you use to lift, push or carry. Your mind has to tell your body to connect the spatial needs of your surroundings to your muscles and bones to complete your tasks. Mastering motor skills means practicing, teaching and imitating. You need fine motor and gross motor skills working together to create your movement. The difference between the two skills depends on your t

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