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What Would Make an Area of a Room Smell Like Cigarette Smoke When We Don't Smoke?
by DJ-phYre in Home & Garden
To figure out how an area of your home continues to smell like cigarette smoke, you will have to perform an assessment. You'll need to look at a few different ways in which this problem may be occurring, and figure out how to combat the nuisance if possible. Smokers VisitingIf you have friends or family members who smoke, they will bring the odor in with them when they visit. They walk across t

How to Smoke Meat Using Camp Chef Smoke Vault
by liganic in Food & Drink
When cooking meats, using a technique called smoking allows you to slow cook your food to get a moist texture while soaking up the flavors of the burning wood chips or charcoal. The Camp Chef Smoke Vault is a device specially designed to allow you to smoke your meats for hours to get the flavor you are after. In order to use the Smoke Vault, you must have the meat ready as well as the wood or char

How to Smoke a Pork Shoulder in a Smoke House
by doubledeluxe in Food & Drink
A smokehouse used to be a small building usually built of cinder block or wood, used to cure meat with smoke. More modern smokehouses are usually electric, and are designed to slow cook at a controlled temperature. Smoked pork shoulder can be kept for long periods of time without refrigeration and also has a pleasant flavor. Using a smokehouse is very straightforward and is a money-saver, allowi

How to Smoke Fish at Home With Liquid Smoke
by jfraser in Food & Drink
Typically, smoked fish is made using a purchased smoker or homemade, outdoor smokehouse. The smoke flavor is imparted to the fish by burning chips in the purchased smoker or burning wood, such as alder, apple or cottonwood, in the smokehouse. Liquid smoke is a way of imparting that smokehouse flavor to fish without having to smoke it. After you apply the liquid smoke, bake or grill the fish.Diffic

How Do Smoke Alarms Detect Smoke?
by Brian Drum in Hobbies, Games & Toys
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How to Smoke a Ham With Hickory Smoke in a Gas Grill
by avdempsey in Food & Drink
Smoking a ham imparts a rich flavor and aroma. Smoking with hickory wood on a gas grill presents special challenges unique to cooking with propane, rather than traditional fuel sources such as hardwood and charcoal. Proper ham smoking takes hours, with regular basting to prevent the meat from drying out, so a full tank of propane and a free afternoon are essentials. You need a grill with two separ

Why Do Smoke Alarms Beep When There Is No Smoke?
by msg in Home & Garden
Several factors cause household smoke alarms to sound without noticeable smoke or fire. Most smoke detectors incorporate ionization and photoelectric sensor technology, either of which can be interrupted by common household activity and sound false alarms in the absence of smoke. Kitchen ActivitySteam and residual vapors from cooking, subtle smoke from toasters or indoor rotisseries, and grease

How do I Smoke Ham in a Smoke House With Wood?
by zuz in Food & Drink
Curing and smoking is a traditional method of preparing meat, and was a way for Romans and Greeks, Native Americans, pioneer settlers, and several other cultures to have food to survive. For true smoked ham, you must do it in a smokehouse with either hardwood logs or sawdust, no resinous wood. It is also important to thoroughly understand how to process meat through curing and smoking so you don't

How Smoke Detectors Smell Smoke
by Meghan54 in Home & Garden
You count on the smoke detectors in your home to help protect your family if there is a fire. Depending on the type of device you have, it picks up on the presence of smoke in different ways. PhotoelectricPhotoelectric smoke detectors contain a light source that is designed to just miss touching a sensor pad inside the device. Smoke particles in the air cause the beam of the light source to def

How to Smoke Meat in a Smoke House
by Bin in Food & Drink
Smoking meat can be a great way to add a special flavoring to any meal. When smoking meat in a smoke house the goal is not to cook the meat, but to cure it or preserve it for later cooking. Smoked meat often tastes richer and meatier than meat that's just cooked in a stove or on a barbeque. Follow the basic instructions for smoking meat to have the best tasting meal on your table.Difficulty:Modera

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