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Automatic Snapshots of VM
by Rafael V. Souza in Web Design

Is there a way to automatically create snapshots of a virtual machine in azure?
Im not a developer and I dont want to write code to access an API, etc.
Its pretty easy to do in Amazon EC2, its just a checkbox.
Im just looking for a simple process to create a daily snapshot or backup of my VM.
How do other people do it?


How to Export ESX VM With Snapshots
by mikko in Computers
The VMWare ESX Server does not ship with an easy method of exporting virtual machines (VMs) with snapshots. However, VMWare does provide a free, stand-alone tool that will export your ESX VMs with snapshots. The VMWare vCenter Converter is available from the download.VMWare.com website. The converter application converts the virrtual machine files into backup VMs, or the converter will convert th

How Can You Look at the Snapshots You Took on Skype?
by Bateluer in Computers
Skype lets you take snapshots. These snapshots may either be of yourself via the camera on your computer or of a contact during a video chat. While taking the snapshots is as simple as clicking a single button, viewing them later is a different story. Your Skype snapshots are not, by default, located in a straightforward location such as your "Pictures" folder. Instead, you must go on a bit of a h

Ivy and Snapshots (Nexus)
by cbridi in Development Tools & Services

I'm using ant, ivy and nexus repo manager to build and store my artifacts. I managed to get everything working: dependency resolution and publishing. Until I hit a problem... (of course!).

I was publishing to a 'release' repo in nexus, which is locked to 'disable redeploy' (even if you change the setting to 'allow redeploy' (really lame UI there imo). You can imagine how pissed off

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How to define Snapshots in NES
by Jake Levitt in Programming Languages

How or where can I define when a snapshot should be taken.
In NCQRS there is a class that defines the frequency. Is there a similar concept with NES or do I implement it myself? If so, where is the best place to call is to take a snapshot?

TAGS : define Snapshots

How to Allow Snapshots on Blog Links
by Mytime34 in Internet
Enabling Snapshots of your links will allow readers to preview the content of the sites you are linking to through your text. It's a very simple feature that will enhance your personal site.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Go to Snap.com. On the right hand menu, select the "Publishers and Bloggers" section.
The "Customization" area will allow you to choose from colors to logos to the l

Restoration from snapshots in virtualbox
by golazo in Programming Languages

I am using virtual box and maintaining a regular back by taking snapshots and storing it in an external hard disk.Now the system in which my virtual box was installed have crashed. How can i recover my last work from the snapshots that have stored in the external hard disk.

Automate Video Snapshots
by Nate Bedortha in Programming Languages

How can I use Java to automate video snapshots?

Below is my attempt. Unfortunately, the seek command seems does not work since the color of the pixel at [100,100] remains still the same no matter where the video is.

What would I need is an app that would create snapshots of video (preferably without the need of GUI).

import javafx.application.Application;<

AccuRev CLI list snapshots
by Bulk Beef in Programming Languages

Is there any way to retrieve a list of all snapshots in a Depot/Stream using the AccuRev CLI?

How do I look inside my svn snapshots (backups)
by ISAslot in Web Design

I'm looking for a project that may or may not be checked into one of many subversion repositories. The machine with the actual repository died a few years ago, but I do have backups. They are bz compressed tar archives, snapshots taken weekly of the filesystem (when I unzip one and do a ls I get the following directories: conf dump help OpenVXI repositories working )

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