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How to Make a Sofa Back for a Daybed Sofa
by ruby in Home & Garden
If you have an old daybed in your home that is just taking up space, consider transforming it into a sofa. You can do this solely by accessorizing it with living room embellishments such as throw pillows and couch blankets that will make the daybed appear more like a sofa than a child's bed. Be creative and resourceful, trying to use what you already have at your home.Difficulty:EasyInstructions

Can I Put Different Colored Sofa Cushions on My Sofa?
by akr in Home & Garden
Styles and trends are always changing. Times were when you purchased furniture, you bought a matching set. A living room might have a matching sofa, loveseat and chair, along with matching tables and lamps. Today, matching is less common. Many people enjoy selecting each piece as part of a composition so that their room design is truly personal. Two trends that capitalize on this desire are the sh

How to Convert a Sofa Into a Sleeper Sofa
by Andrew S. in Home & Garden
Several furniture companies manufacture sofa sleepers in all shapes and sizes. From full size to king size, sleeper sofas give you an extra bed in your home to use for unexpected guests or your teenage daughter’s sleepover. To convert a sofa into a sleeper sofa takes a small amount of strength and an open area in the room to set the bed down. Once you convert the sofa to a sleeper, add s

A Comparison of a Sofa to the Petrie Sofa
by ack in Home & Garden
If you have considered a Petrie-style sofa — a sofa styled after that used by characters Rob and Laura Petrie on the Dick Van Dyke television series — there is more to think about than style alone. This midcentury modern design, also called a variety of other names, differs from today's standard sofa specifications. Compare different styles to determine whether a Petrie style can provi

How to Make an Old Sofa Into a Porch Sofa
by Gábor in Home & Garden
Anyone who has gone to college or has sent a child to college is familiar with the sight of an old sofa on the porch of a student rental. Although the sofa is grubby and torn, most kids don't mind using it. That image may make you cool to the notion of using an old sofa on your own porch, but you can do a much better job with a sofa by protecting it from the elements and keeping it attractive. A s

Pull-Out Sofa vs. Sofa
by Denmark in Home & Garden
Sofas are a common fixture in most living rooms, and choosing one can be a chore. One key choice is whether or not to buy a pull-out sofa to occasionally turn your living room into a guest room, or to simply get the most comfortable sofa you can. Each choice has its benefits, but also some drawbacks.
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How to Buy a Sofa
by scott.sizemore in Home & Garden
Finding the right sofa is crucial to your living room's décor - and to the room's relaxation factor. Here are some tips that will help you rise to the challenge.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Measuring Tapes

Determine potential size restrictions for your sofa. For example, if it will be moved up a flight of stairs or placed in a small

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How to Buy a Used Sofa
by lietkynes in Home & Garden
A sofa is often one of the most expensive pieces of furniture that has to be bought for a home. If you need a couch and you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider buying used. There are many good deals, but there are a few important things that you should know before you buy. Read on to learn how to buy a used sofa.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions How much do you want to spend?De
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How to Get Ash Out of a Sofa
by RDongre in Home & Garden
If you find ash on the fabric of your couch, you should always look on the bright side: An ash stain is better and easier to fix than a cigarette burn. An ash stain is most likely the result of a careless smoker not using an ash tray when necessary and allowing some stray ash to fall on your upholstery. It's important to treat an ash stain properly and strategically so that you don't make it worse
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How to Get Gum Off a Sofa
by zokudu in Home & Garden
Finding gum stuck to your sofa is a quick way to ruin your day. The sticky, gooey nature of gum makes it seem impossible to remove without damaging the fabric or spreading the gum. Fortunately, gum removal from a sofa doesn't have to be a tiresome task. With the right products and removal methods, you'll have the gum off your upholstery in no time.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need<
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