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Difference between Build Solution, Rebuild Solution, and Clean Solution in Visual Studio?
by Dré in Programming Languages

What is the difference between Build Solution, Rebuild Solution, and Clean Solution in Visual Studio?

When is the appropriate time to use each one of these?

Global Section inside Solution File (.sln) of Visual Studio Solution secret?
by gnirpaz in Programming Languages

Recently I was trying to load a solution source controlled by TFS but some projects in that solution were not being loaded in solution explorer inside visual studio. After spending hours of my time, for temporary reason when I deleted the whole "Global Section" at the end of .sln (solution file) by manually editing it in a notepad and restarted Visual Studio, all projects appeared as expected.

Correct solution for persistent table/grid in C# that does not require a full database solution?
by amelim in C & C++ & C#

My WinForms C#/.NET application requires a table/grid control to display records to the end user. The records will be simple, containing only two fields, a string and a date/time field. I need to persist the data and I am wondering what the most efficient control and storage back-end is to use. The data is non-critical (i.e. - not health or financial records, or anything sensitive requiring

In thinking about most processes handled by a bank, would a BPM solution be enough, or would a case management solution likely be necessary?
by droom in Web Design

In thinking about mostv business processes handled by a bank/ insurer (mortgages, financing, insurance, current accounts, credit, etc), would a BPM solution be enough to automate processes that are largely manual, or would a case management solution likely be necessary?

How to Change SharePoint 2010 Project from Sandboxed Solution to Farm Solution
by ezzze in Programming Languages

I created a new sharepoint project in Visual studio 2010 and by mistake it was sandboxed solution, after finishing my development its wont build because i am adding items to controltemplates and its saying i need to have the project as farm solution, so how to change th eproject type ?

How to order projects alphabetically in a Visual Studio solution with solution folders?
by frugivore in Programming Languages

There is a bug in Visual Studio (2008, possibly 2005 too) that means the projects under solution folders are not automatically ordered alphabetically. What is the best workaround for this problem?

Addin to extend Solution Explorer with “Open corresponding solution” when available?
by lync-server-2010 in Programming Languages

Imagine a folder structure that contains more than 200 solution files for projects that all belong to one software. Most of them generate shared libraries that are referenced in other projects that are contained in own solutions.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a possibility of right clicking such a referenced assembly in the solution explorer and then having a context menu it

Prevent Visual Studio from Loading a Solution Project Without Using 'Solution Manager' Add-In
by Matt Brewer in Programming Languages

Our Visual Studio 2010 solution contains an installer project that cannot be loaded unless the installation tool is installed. Since we only have one license for this tool, most developers receive an error message every time the solution is loaded. I know that you can mark a project as being unloaded, and this state is retained between invocations of VS, however, this option is only available w

Copy Solution, Edit Those files, Open Solution, Modify Report DataSet Without Losing Fields. How?
by SteveGrabowski in Programming Languages

Disclaimer: I am not he most Crytal-y person in the world, so bear with me.

Technology: Visual Studio 2008, with the (free) Crystal Reports that comes with it.


I have an existing (simple) report that uses an "ADO.NET DataSet" for its fields. I want to create a very similar report (layout/most of it pretty much the same), except that I need an additi

Porting phonegap app to javame, localstorage solution, jsonp api solution
by cubby1223 in Java

Im porting one of my apps to javame for featured phones.

I developed a hybrid app using cordova/phonegap and html5. in my smartphone app, i utilised localstorage for storing states(eg logged in, logged out,),

I think i read somewhere about recordstore.. but is there any easy to follow tutorial for this?

also, how would i go about handling jsonp api? for ex


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