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Mysql to Xls using php [bug] [SOLVED]
by Estonia in PHP

i have some question here.. i have some code that written in php to use for export data from mysql to xls, but i have something wrong with the output php...

here's the code

// koneksi database
$db = "k8665xxxx";
$date = date('d-m-Y');
$filename = "Data-inquiry-
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Is OCR a solved problem?
by Vlad Sirenko in Web Design

According to Wikipedia, "The accurate recognition of Latin-script, typewritten text is now considered largely a solved problem on applications where clear imaging is available such as scanning of printed documents." However, it gives no citation.

My question is: is this true? Is the current state-of-the-art so good that - for a good scan of English text - there aren't any major impr

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How to Get a Complaint Solved
by AdamK47 in Business
If you have a complaint, you can ensure that it is given the attention it deserves by knowing what steps to take. Every system has a specific complaint procedure, such as a customer service or human resources department. You can take action so that the department hears your complaint and has an opportunity to resolve it.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Consider the cost of your complaint and how muc
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Can this be solved by using just regex?
by Christian Seitzer in Programming Languages

I need to convert

$text = 'We had <i>fun</i>. Look at <a href="http://example.com">this photo</a> of Joe';

[Edit] There could be multiple links in the text.


$text = 'We had fun. Look at this photo (http://example.com) of Joe';

All HTML tags are to be removed and the href value from

PHP with MySQL is Slow (SOLVED)
by Martin Koch in Programming Languages

(IMPORTANT) EDIT 3: Running the testajax2.php by itself and NOT AJAX. The duration is about the same, 1.02-1.03s. So I guess that means the problem is in PHP-MYSQL or XAMPP?? When ran through phpmyadmin query, here's the result: Showing rows 0 - 29 ( ~50 total , Query took 0.0015 sec). It appears the problem lies not in Ajax after all, but perhaps in PHP. Help please... (I've also just edited t

PHP IIS LoadHTMLFile I/O exception SOLVED
by ChristianM in Coding

I came upon an interesting error message in PHP 5.3.18 with regards to using imacros to save a web page to disk, then pop open a tab to a localhost php script to parse said page to an sql db or what have you

Well it all worked dandy and then the customer complained about info overload
So I tried to use the windows clipboard.... try win32 try com... all broke since PHP 4.x.y meh

file_exists does not work for me [Solved]
by sgmichelsen in Programming Languages

i am using following code, but its not work for me.

$img1=$info['available_now']; //http://www.jjbsports.com/pws/client/images/catalogue/products/65014201/zoom/65014201_white.jpg
$filename = $img1;
if (file_exists($filename)) {
echo "The file $filename exists";
echo '<img src="'; echo $id1; echo '"width="50" height="50"/>'."<br>";

Reg-ex, Find x then N characters if N+1 == x (solved)
by TheMoo in Programming Languages

OK here is what I have:

its works in the fact it finds from 24 till the next 24 but not the 2nd 24... (wow some logic).

like this:


it finds from the 1st 24 till the next 24 but does not include it, so the s

How these typedef equations get solved in C
by keird in Programming Languages

I have following typedef declarations in c but confused how I read these declarations.

typedef char *pc; /* pc is pointer to char */
typedef pc fpc(); /* fpc is function returning pointer to char */
typedef fpc *pfpc;
typedef pfpc fpfpc();
typedef fpfpc *pfpfpc;
pfpfpc a[N];

Now fo

Is this a problem typically solved with IOC?
by Shailja in Web Design

My current application allows users to define custom web forms through a set of admin screens. it's essentially an EAV type application. As such, I can't hard code HTML or ASP.NET markup to render a given page. Instead, the UI requests an instance of a Form object from the service layer, which in turn constructs one using a several RDMBS tables. Form contains the kind of classes you would ex

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