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Mysql to Xls using php [bug] [SOLVED]
by Estonia in PHP

i have some question here.. i have some code that written in php to use for export data from mysql to xls, but i have something wrong with the output php...

here's the code

// koneksi database
$db = "k8665xxxx";
$date = date('d-m-Y');
$filename = "Data-inquiry-
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Can this be solved by using just regex?
by Christian Seitzer in Programming Languages

I need to convert

$text = 'We had <i>fun</i>. Look at <a href="http://example.com">this photo</a> of Joe';

[Edit] There could be multiple links in the text.


$text = 'We had fun. Look at this photo (http://example.com) of Joe';

All HTML tags are to be removed and the href value from

Is OCR a solved problem?
by Vlad Sirenko in Web Design

According to Wikipedia, "The accurate recognition of Latin-script, typewritten text is now considered largely a solved problem on applications where clear imaging is available such as scanning of printed documents." However, it gives no citation.

My question is: is this true? Is the current state-of-the-art so good that - for a good scan of English text - there aren't any major impr

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How to Get a Complaint Solved
by AdamK47 in Business
If you have a complaint, you can ensure that it is given the attention it deserves by knowing what steps to take. Every system has a specific complaint procedure, such as a customer service or human resources department. You can take action so that the department hears your complaint and has an opportunity to resolve it.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Consider the cost of your complaint and how muc
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Divs won't work -solved~
by ElMonoDelMar in Web Design

I just want to make everything in the 'wrapper' stretch out to fit the wrapper, but everything is being annoying and staying a fixed height??

So I wanted the 'sidebar' and the 'inside' of the 'content' area to be the same height all of the time, and i also want the 'content' to stretch to fit the 'wrapper' at all time, while having a 'header', 'nav', and 'footer'. but nothing I try

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D3.js, csv and foreach undefined value [Solved]
by hunaid mushtaq in Web Design

I'm trying D3.js, and I hava a little issue.
Here is my script:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<script src="http://d3js.org/d3.v3.js"></script>
d3.csv("result-do-nothing.csv", function(error, data) {
data.forEach(function(d) {

did you ever get Highchart series solved
by Mike in Programming Languages

im working on doing the same thing you asked on: PHP JSON Highcharts load database result and wondering if you got it to work with all 7 different series? If so, could you share the code? i can do it with 1, but not 7 different ones


MySQL optimization can be solved?
by Mike in Databases

I Have a table that holds data about 'deals'. Deals are either closed or opened, and are marks so in an 'is_closed' column. (which is, or course, indexed).

there are about 10,000 'open' rows, and 10,000,000 'closed' rows. Each 'open' row is updated about once per second. (Only not indexed fields are updated here). Once a row is 'closed', it will never again be updated. (only read).<

How these typedef equations get solved in C
by keird in Programming Languages

I have following typedef declarations in c but confused how I read these declarations.

typedef char *pc; /* pc is pointer to char */
typedef pc fpc(); /* fpc is function returning pointer to char */
typedef fpc *pfpc;
typedef pfpc fpfpc();
typedef fpfpc *pfpfpc;
pfpfpc a[N];

Now fo

PHP IIS LoadHTMLFile I/O exception SOLVED
by ChristianM in Coding

I came upon an interesting error message in PHP 5.3.18 with regards to using imacros to save a web page to disk, then pop open a tab to a localhost php script to parse said page to an sql db or what have you

Well it all worked dandy and then the customer complained about info overload
So I tried to use the windows clipboard.... try win32 try com... all broke since PHP 4.x.y meh


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