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GridView sorting doesn't work when I Enable Caching in Custome Paging and sorting
by Seba in Programming Languages

I have a GridView that use a stored procedure for custom paging and sorting .

It's OK and works fine (Both paging and sorting) , But the problem is when i Enable Caching in ObjectDataSource like :


It properly cache every page that the user visit , But at this case when the user want to sort it raise an error(Wh

Define sorting method ( that use std::sort for sorting) of a templated class in dll and calling it from another project
by AJacques in Programming Languages

Sorry for my bad English. I have 2 projects. Project 1 is a MFC dll that contains class CMyContainer, class CEmployee. Project 2 is my main project. In project 2, I created an instance of CMyContainer of type CEmployee. Now I want to sort the container but I got an error

"error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "bool __cdecl MyComparer(class CEmployee *,class CEmployee *)"

Core data sorting a Thread by latest Message (to many relationship sorting)
by cpacini in Operating Systems

My question, I believe, is fairly simple but I can't seem to find a decent and elegant solution to it. Maybe Core Data doesn't have an elegant solution or my Google skills have let me down, in which case I apologize.

Lets say I have a simple messaging application. I have two Core Data entities: Thread and Message. A Thread contains many M

performance: sorting 'm' vectors with N/m elems Vs sorting single vector with N elements
by Jarques in Programming Languages

Operation A

I have N vectors, each containing certain number of unique 3D points. For Example : std::vector<double*> vec1; and like that

I am performing sort operation on each of the vector like:

std::sort(vec1.begin(), vec1.end(), sortCriteria());
std::sort(vec2.begin(), vec2.end(), sortCriteria());

eclipse - how to change package explorer sorting order (don't want lexicographic sorting)?
by cheese_doodle in Development Tools & Services

Is there a way I can have it:


Adding additional sorting attributes to array of records…then sorting!
by TheVrolok in Programming Languages

Let's say I run an ActiveRecord query and it returns 3 results, with a bunch of attributes.

I want to add 3 attributes to each record in the Array so I can do sorting at a code-level. These 3 include: num_comments, num_views, last_view.

How do I add these attributes?
How do I then sort the records, in order of precendence, by num_comments AND by num_views AND by last_v

i18n in Core Data: Incorrect sorting in newly created UIManagedDocument but correct sorting on subsequent use
by krs in Operating Systems

When creating a Core Data UIManagedDocument and inserting values into it from a JSON file, on the first run of an app, the international string values (Icelandic) are sorted in the wrong order when fetched via a NSFetchRequest. When the app is stopped and started again, where the UIManagedDocument is just opened and used with the previously inserted values, sorting behaves correctly for the no

How to remove sorting glyph in datagridview without removing Sorting facility
by xes in Programming Languages

How can i remove sorting glyph from column headers in DataGridView without removing its sorting functionality.

I am working on windows form application in C#, i want to generate report from a datagridview, where datagridview column width will assign in report column, where as the DataGridView column include the with of sorting glyph, that is unnecessary space in my case, i want to e

How to remember the previous sorting order in jQuery Table sorting
by CyberGreg in Web Design

I'm using jQuery for sorting the tables.

I open a page and click a columns to sort in desc or asc order and in the same page I click on a sub link to view some related data. Then I click back and come back to my same page (page1). At that moment the sorting which i did before I click the sub link is not there. I want the sorting to be remembered when I click the back button.

C# Sorting a FileInfo Array by Name, getting some unexpected results and need to know if I have other sorting options available
by Cenneca in Programming Languages

I am saving my image files in the following format:
1-6784 (1 being the sort order that I want to see and 6784
being a randomly generated number between 1000 and 9999.

When I look at the folder through explorer and
arrange by name they all look fine and sorted according
to the first number i.e. (1-XXXX, 2-XXXX , 9-XXXX, 12-XXXX etc.)
in ascending order.

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