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HTML: How to start Sound playback from URL mid-file without buffering all sound data to that point
by Krysole in Programming Languages

I have a long mp3 file hosted on a standard apache server (30 minutes long so far, but I would like it to work with longer sounds too).

I'd like to start playback of this audio within at a specified point.

When attempting to use Flash Actionscript 3, my basic tests show that ALL the audio from the start to the position I choose is buffered before playback (Sound.byte

eliminate known audio from recorded sound to estimate background sound level via deconvolution
by postmortemIA in Operating Systems

i have 2 signals, one containing audio data which is played on speakers. second one contains mic data recording the speakers simultaneously.

what ive done so far: align signals in time domain via correlation. apply fft on overlapping part of both signals and divide one by the other in order to achieve deconvolution.
what am i doing wrong as the resulting audiodata is useless.

Need Button sound to play one Touch not release and null android default sound
by hyperNURb in Android

1)this is my Main Activity :

package com.art.drumdrum;
import android.app.Activity;
import android.media.AudioManager;
import android.media.SoundPool;
import android.os.Bundle;
import android.view.View;
import android.widget.Button;
public class MainActivity extends Activity {
SoundPool soundPool = null;
int kickId = 0;
int snar

How to Build Surround Sound With Ample Bass & Good Music Sound
by RockinZ28 in Electronics
When setting up a surround sound system you need to make sure you have adequate speakers connected to your receiver. There are dozens of different speakers available for receivers, all with varying quality. However, if you want a surround sound system with ample bass and solid sound, you need to select a speaker system with specific settings. High-quality surround sound speakers allow you to hear

Android- playing background sound and changing volumes and turning sound on/off
by David Mercer in Programming Languages

in my app i want music/tune playing in the background in the menus and game. I am using this in the onCreate() method:

ourSong = MediaPlayer.create(SoundActivity.this, R.raw.beat2);

however i have to call this in each class and the song starts over again. I am sure this is not the right way to do this and would be grateful if som

Android sound-engine clicks and cuts off the beginning of a played sound
by Matt1970 in Software

This might be a general sound issue, but it concerns my app aswell.
I have noticed, that the Android Sound-Engine (at least on Android v2.3.3) need to be "activated" before a sound may be played. After the sound being played, the Sound-Engine deactivates again after a second.
This is hearable as a "click"-sound on activation and deactivation.
The real problem is, that the first s

How to Record Vocals With Sound Settings & No Sound Headphones in Garage Band
by Bakafish in Arts & Entertainment
Apple's GarageBand software allows you to record vocals just as you would in a professional studio, whether a capella or as part of a larger musical composition. To get the best results from your GarageBand vocals, you will want to monitor your output (backing music or metronome ticks) through a pair of headphones, so that the sound does not leak into your vocal recording and destroy your recordin

Controlling volume of a Clip when using Java Sound (javax,sound.sampled)
by Maine in Java

I'm using Java sound to play back a number of sound samples with the Clip.start() method.

Given this, what is the best way to control the playback volume?

In particular, I'm very keen that the solution will work reliably across platforms.

How to play a sound file at maximum volume in iOS without a sound indicator change
by javascript in Mobile Programming

In my app I'm required to play a sound from a volume of 0 to maximum system volume (it's an alarm app).

I currently use AVAudioPlayer to play the sound and MPMusicPlayerController to maximize the device's volume for the duration of the alarm

MPMusicPlayerController.applicationMusicPlayer.volume = 1.0;
NSString *fileName = [NSString stringWithFormat:alarm.soun

How to dynamically create new Sound objects based on raw WAV / DATA or other Sound object?
by ganok_tor in Web Design

Is there any AS3 library or code-snippet that can create altered versions of a Sound object on-the-fly (at runtime)? Either based on:

An existing Sound object;
A ByteArray object;
Some other audio file format source;

For example, say you have a "dry" sound of a gun-shot. You could:

Make a Reverberated version to make it sound distant;
Make a Low-pass fil

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