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Autocomplete from php source file requerying source page rather than call PHP Source file
Category : PHP

I am trying to use the JQuery Autocomplete with PHP source file, but when I check with FIREBUG I see on change of the Input field, the page is just requerying itself rather than call my source PHP file

Code Segment

$().ready(function() {
$("#item_name").autocomplete("./utilities.php?op=autocomplete", {
width: 260,
matchContains: true

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How can I change the source of a Data Source View and the Report Models based on it to a different database?
Category : Databases

I have a number of reports deployed to a SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services server. They were all developed using the same Report Model (SDML) that references the same Data Source View (DSV) that points to a test database filled with mostly dummy data. Now, I would like to make those reports pull data from the live database with our real data instead. The two databases have exactly the same str

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How to maintain source versions and project tree structure in source control repository
Category : Web Design

For a team of 4-5 developers using Visual Source Safe(VSS) 2005 what is best practice to maintain source versions?

Our requirement is to maintain and identify a version that is currently in production. This way at all times we will know what piece of code was pushed during deployment.
So far this is what I had in mind.

-trunk - Main solution and project
-Dev br

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Changing an image source based on an H1 element in the source code or 'location.path'?
Category : Web Design

I decided to try a different approach to this problem. Instead of relying on a string I thought it would be more efficient for this specific issue to use the function location.path to determine the source of the album-cover. Here's what I only have so far:

The piece of HTML for the image:

<img src="http://static.last.fm/flatness/catalogue/noimage/noalb

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How to fix source is empty error in XML source while using Foreach loop container in SSIS 2012?
Category : Coding

I have an issue with a very simple task in SSIS 2012.

I have a for-each container that runs in FOR-EACH-FILE Enumerator mode. I want to read a target folder with XML files. The path to the folder is correctly configured. The files field is set to *.xml

The variable mapping is defined with the follwing Variable: User::FileVar , Index 0.

Now I add a simple dat

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Is it common to read source code in order to study an Open Source Framework?
Category : Coding

What is the best way to study an Open Source Framework?
I found that documentations/wiki/introductions are quite informative but not complete; APIs are complete but they don't provide best practices.
Does this mean I always need to read the source code for commanding a new framework?
If I should read the source code, how/where should I start?
For example, I want to use a rec

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Generate XSLT to map source value structures to destination field depending on source content
Category : Web Design

I have a source list of xml in this format:

<value>Hello World</id>
<value>Goodbye World</id>

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Open-source: licence header on each source file OR a single COPYING OR both?
Category : Operating Systems

Publishing an open-source project, is it enough to add a COPYING file to the package or do I need to copy and paste it on top of every project's source file?
On famous public repositories like github or Google code I've seen different mixed approaches so I would like to know how this aspect should be handled correctly.

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<audio><source> and <embed> links not working in IE using a dynamic ASPX source
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to play mp3 sound on a webpage, the sound is stored in a SQL database as mp3, so is returned as a byte[] by a Service method.

My problem is that in Chrome this work fine, but in IE it doesn't, as soon as I start to use the ASPX URL as the source then i.e. balks at playing the sound. I have also tried with a little more success but not with a dynamic URL. Am I missing so

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Automatic Integration of Open Source Repositories into our Source Code Repository
Category : Development Tools & Services

I wonder if there is a common way for an automatic integration of foreign repositories into our source code repository.

E.g. our company host its own source code repository A, we're using a library which is build from an open source project B.

In order to build B a manual effort has to be done:

Check for new revision of B in open source repository
If new

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