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play from iPhone main speaker and earpiece speaker simultaneously using AVAudioSessionCategoryMultiRoute
by poofyhairguy in Operating Systems

does anyone know if an iPhone can play a sound from the main speaker (bottom of phone next to 30-pin dock connector) and the receiver (earpiece speaker above screen) simultaneously using AVAudioSessionCategoryMultiRoute (or other methods)?
Thanks a lot.

How to Wire a Floating Speaker Receiver to a Common Grounded Speaker System
by Miklebud in Electronics
Some car stereos have "floating ground" speaker outputs, with electrically active negative wires. Installing high-power stereos like this in a car with factory-installed speakers that are wired so that all negative speaker terminals return to the dash on one or two common ground wires requires you to wire through a floating ground adapter. This will cut power in half, but save you from having to r

How to Hide Speaker Wires in Walls Using Speaker Mounts
by Roman in Home & Garden
Here's a common home speaker problem. You've installed speaker mounts on the wall and put your speakers onto them. They sound great, but the looks? Not so hot -- you've got unsightly speaker wires running down the wall. But there is a way to work around this. Since most walls are hollow -- an outer layer of drywall screwed to a wooden frame behind -- you can run the wires down to the floor behind

The Difference Between Center Channel Speaker & Front Speaker
by Pennsylvania in Electronics
Speakers are devices that project sound from an audio system. There are several types of speakers, including front speakers and center channel speakers. There are several differences between the two. LocationThe center channel speaker is located directly in front and center of the audience. There are two front speakers and both are in front, one on the left and the other on the right.

How Can I Change My LG Phone From Speaker to Where I Can Talk Without the Speaker On?
by Enar in Electronics
Several LG phone models feature a speakerphone that contains both a microphone and a loudspeaker. When the speaker is turned on, the recipient of the call can be heard through the loudspeaker. If you want to have a more private conversation, turn the speakerphone option off. The speaker function is similar across most LG phone models.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Press and hold the "Speaker" butt

How to Connect Speaker Wires to a Post Speaker Tap
by David Marchant in Electronics
Post speaker taps are part of wall speaker wire jacks. These incorporate binding posts designed to accept and hold speaker wires. These speaker taps accept larger wires than spring terminals without losing their hold on the wires over time. Post speaker taps are permanently connected to the amplifier or receiver, offering a convenient connection point for future speaker additions.Difficulty:Eas

How to Install a 10 Inch Speaker Into a Speaker Box
by evisseliaib in Electronics
Whether you're building a subwoofer box for the back of your pickup truck or mounting a driver in a box for your home stereo system, mounting a 10-inch speaker into a speaker box takes a few special techniques. If done incorrectly, you could puncture the surround around the speaker, ruining it. If you're careful, however, you can have a speaker installed in the speaker box in less than 10 minutes.

How Connect a Speaker Connection to a Speaker Box
by git in Electronics
Most speaker boxes will have terminals on the outside of the box where speaker wire is connected to the box from the outside. When installing a speaker into a speaker box, you'll need to make an internal connection between the terminals of the speaker itself and the portion of the box's speaker terminals that are on the inside of the box.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need

How to Replace a Speaker in a Speaker Cabinet
by darko.topolsek in Electronics
Every speaker cabinet eventually blows a speaker. Whether it stays in a practice room or gets hauled from gig to gig, something will weaken and given out. Not only will the speaker sound bad, but it changes the overall impedance of the speaker cabinet. That can damage the amplifier driving it. Luckily, a speaker cabinet is designed to allow for quick and easy speaker replacements. Read on to learn

How to Build a Multi-Speaker Speaker Box
by Kavoos in Electronics
Speaker boxes are made in many different ways. Some have only one speaker, or driver, that is designed to emphasize a particular frequency range, such as a bass woofer or mid-range driver. A multi-speaker box provides a full range of frequencies for optimum sound reproduction. It is possible to make an enclosure of this type with some woodworking and wiring skills and some research into speaker bo

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