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How to tie specific pending intents to specific buttons on specific widgets on a multi-widget.. appwidget?
by Marcos de Carvalho in Programming Languages

I have a Widget i am working on, that allows the user to have more then one instance of the widget on his screen. Each Widget id maintains its own configuration file. However for some odd reason my code that is responsible for setting up the buttons individually for each widget id is not working, only the first widget id is linked to each individual widget. below is the code that is responsible

How can I set specific compiler flags for for a specific target in a specific build configuration using CMake?
by MikeG in Programming Languages

I've got a CMakeLists where I want to build some targets using the dynamic version of the C runtime, and some other targets using the static version.

Because this needs to be set per target, the default method of setting CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS_<Config> does not work; this overrides for all targets.

To that end, I tried something like the following:


Android: Create Calendars to select a specific date, or specific month in a year, or specific year
by wcf in Programming Languages

I am looking to create 3 different Calendar views in my application, each triggered by a different button.

The first one is a standard calendar allowing you to pick a specific date.
The second one is similar, except you just select the month as a whole rather than a day.
The final one you just select the year as a whole.

I realize there is a

Access SQL - Query to filter specific records based on whether they ordered in a specific year or not
by DMasterX in Coding

I have a table called Orders that contains the following fields:
CustomerID, OrderDate

For example

1, 01/01/2011
2, 02/02/2011
1, 01/07/2012

Am trying to figure out a way to query this table to understand whether a customer ordered in 2011 and has not ordered anything in 2012 and deliver back the distinct customer ID ...

PyEphem/GDAL finding angle and elevation at a specific range for a specific projection
by Thomas Gueze in Programming Languages

I'm working to create a, for example, 5000meter line between an observation point with an elevation to a point directly in the path between the observer and the observed body.

In my case the Sun for now.

I cannot find a preexisting method of finding slope between two points on an ellipsoid to begin with.

A method to find the angle from north and slope in a gl

Get a specific data from specific <script type=“text/javascript”>
by ack in Programming Languages

I have a html page with multiple javascript tags. The problem that I want to extract data from specific tag:

<script type="text/javascript">
$j(document).ready(function() {
if (!($j.cookie("ios"))) {
new $c.free.widgets.FreeAdvDialog().open();

Rewrite/redirect aspx with specific quesry string to specific wordpress page
by LinnheCreative in Programming Languages

I've searched through and can't find a working solution...

I've ported a site from asp.net to php. As instructed, I left the internal links as .aspx for seo. For static pages outside wordpress, with no query string, I can work it fine:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^testimonials.aspx$ /testimonials.php [NC,R=301]

But, I have some links which i

Cakephp validating specific field with specific rule without saving the data from controller
by Ph33zy in Programming Languages

I want to validate fields with Cakephp model validation, without saving the data, for which i am using the following code in controller.

if ($this->Model->validates()) {

But here i want to validate only some specific field like 'email_field' and one of its rule 'email'. In model i have

CakePHP Complicated authentication (specific user roles to specific controllers/areas)
by John G in Programming Languages

I'm trying to build a small web app that will have several areas:

Users area
Admins area

I'm using the Auth component and checking after login the Auth->user('role') but this won't prevent a "normal user" typing the admin path in the URL and accessing it (he's logged in). Naturally the admins should be able to access any area but that's not my current prob

htaccess rewrite rule to redirect specific page on specific domain to another url
by Disco_TechnoStu in Development Tools & Services

I'm hosting 2 sites on the same server with different domains. I'd like to set up a redirect for a specific page on domain 1 and have it go to another external url. Have searched and searched and experimented but can't get it work.

The nearest I've got is

RewriteRule ^oldpagename$ http://externalsite/page [R=301,L]

but the problem with this is th

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