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Is it possible to spoof IP behind NAT?
by JackBurton in Programming Languages

Is it possible to spoof the source IP if I'm behind a router that is using NAT?

If not, how do botnet programmers manage to make a SYN flood from their slaves? Don't most home/business networks use NAT?

How to Spoof Your IP
by legendma in Internet
Your IP address acts like your computer's online virtual address while you surf the Web. Software that views IP addresses (such as that used by some message boards) will display yours to know who you are. If you are tired of people tracking you via your IP address, one option is to get a "spoof" (fake) IP address.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Launch your favorite Web browser.
Search for a
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Is there a way to spoof the location of a GPS?
by Mpalle in Mobile Programming

For example: I make a program for smartphones that takes the current location using GPS. Is there a way a user pass to program a location where it is not? In other words, lies the location for the program? If yes, how (theory)?


So, according to the comments, if I make an app that works the basis of the location of the user, the user can easily spoof your location

How to Spoof a Caller ID
by juma in Electronics
Caller identification spoofing is an electronic practice, originally developed by telephone hackers known as "phreaks," that dates back as far as caller ID service itself. Because the Caller ID service relies on audible, in-band signals, a properly equipped computer and connected telephone can emulate the caller ID signal to cause spurious entries on a caller ID display device.Difficulty:ModerateI
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How to Spoof IP Addresses
by Igal in Computers
Although many people don't worry about keeping their online activities secret, there are some who are concerned about being tracked on the Internet. If you are concerned about your online activities being tracked, then you should hide your IP address. The act of hiding one's IP address is known as "spoofing," and it disguises your IP address to make it harder for others to trace you. Traditionally
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How to Spoof a Phone
by adapar in Electronics
As more and more information is shared via cell phones, phone spoofing is becoming more and more popular. Phone spoofing can be a fun way to play jokes on your friends or surprise someone. Phone spoofing can include such activities as blocking your caller ID, changing your caller ID to another number, sending anonymous text messages, and even changing your voice. Harmless phone spoofing can be ent
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What Is a Spoof Email?
by z1ggy in Computers
You're scrolling through your email messages one morning when you discover a message from your bank. "Dear Accountholder," it says, underneath your bank's logo. "We have discovered a problem with your account. Click here and type in your password, address, date of birth and Social Security Number." Your mouse hovers over the link, but you hesitate because something seems suspicious. You're right t
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How to Make a Spoof Ad
by Luxembourg in Arts & Entertainment
Commercials can be highly lucrative for product sales, and often the funnier the commercial, the bigger the hit. One winning type is the spoof commercial that pokes fun at both people and products. If you decide to make a spoof ad, you have a good chance of cleaning up in product sales.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Choose something or someone to spoof. Your own product can work,
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How to Make a Spoof Newscast
by Pedro Varela in Careers & Job Searching
Making spurious newscasts is an art as old as the videocamera. These days, professionals like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are raising the bar, and people are asking each other what really constitutes a "spoof" in news reporting. To make your own amateur spoof newscast, use these fun and easy tips to get a dramatic, interesting result.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Do your own writing. Y

how to spoof http referer
by deom2i in Programming Languages

As of current, are there still any methods to spoof http referer?

thank you.

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