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how to install “spree-dropdown-variants” with spree 1.1.1
Category : Web Design

I am using spree 1.1.1 and facing problem installing "spree-dropdown-variants" because it has no GEM file. Please help me.

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Rails(3.2.2) Direct sign_in to the Spree(1.1.1) from non-spree controller
Category : Programming Languages

I have integrated Spree(1.1.1) into my existing Rails 3.2.2 Application. I have home_controller in my existing application. I want to direct login the user from action in the home controller to the spree using the sign_in method as

user = Spree::User.find(params[:user_id])

but that sign_in method is in the context of Spree.


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Add Spree to rails app with devise
Category : Programming Languages

I'm new at RoR but I'm loving every bit of it :)

I have a small app that uses devise for authentication and it's working fine.

Now I want to add a ecommerce part nad I decided for spree. I installed spree and during installation it asked me if I wanted to use the default authentication, I said 'no'. Then it asked me for the user model which I stated 'User'.


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How is Spree.config implemented?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm studying Spree's source code and I came across the snippet.

Spree.config do |config|
# Example:
# Uncomment to override the default site name.
# config.site_name = "Spree Demo Site"

How is this being implemented? I cannot find Spree.config defined anywhere as a method. I'm guessing some meta-programming is involved.

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Deploying Spree to Heroku
Category : Web Design

To deploy spree to heroku , I followed the guidline in https://github.com/krozen20/Spree-version-0.11.0/blob/master/spree.txt
when typing "git push heroku master"
it shows me this message

Installing gem chronic 0.2.3 from http://rubygems.org
ERROR: Error installing chronic:
hoe requires RubyGems version >= 1.4. Try 'gem update --system' to upda

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Adding pages to Spree
Category : Programming Languages

I'm working on a application utilizing Spree, I want to add essentially static pages to my application within the spree framework. For example I want to have a page that uses the layout I already have designed for Spree (including things such as search, user info etc) and lists two different categories of products within spree with links to them. I tried the spree-static-content extension but

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Issue with Spree Deploy
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to set up spree and I'm wondering if there are any prerequisites? I have done everything the documentation has told me to run, including update configuration. However, I get a 404 on my EC2 server.


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Relationships with Spree::Products
Category : Programming Languages

I'm using Spree in my Rails 3.2 app and I'd like to know how can I create relationships between some models I'have defined myself and Spree::Product.

For example, in a clothing store I'd like do group products (Spree::Product) by Collection (now Collection is a hypothetical model of mine).

How do I declare a has_many r

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Rails Spree internals
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to use Spree with my RoR application. Ok, I do follow all those guides and FAQs on official website when I want to customize something. That's ok and no problem with it. One question, to which I could not find a clue -- how is that possible, that there is nothing in apps/view, apps/models folders, but it's still working? I mean, yes, I can create something in these folders and redef

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missing spree gem, can t install it
Category : Programming Languages

I have cloned a git repository of a project, that is using spree, and I want to run it on localhost.

But as I said in an article, I can not install spree gem:

$ rake gems:install
Missing the Spree 0.10.2 gem. Please `gem install -v=0.10.2 spree`, update your SPREE_GEM_VERSION setting in config/environment.rb for the Rails version you do have installed, or comment

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