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How to cut a “hole” inside a rectangular Sprite to see the Sprite underneath? (ActionScript 3)
by BabaBooey in Programming Languages

Everytime I google this question I see confusing information about masks and blends, none of which seems to directly apply to what I think should be an easy thing...

There are three Sprites involved here...the lowest layer sprite is pretty much a background. I want to overlay a translucent Sprite on top of the background and then I want the third, top-most Sprite to act as a hole, s

Cocos2D help: How to rotate a sprite continuously and generate child sprites in the rotating sprite
by Sankarsan Bose in Programming Languages

I am new to cocos2D can anyone suggest an easy solution to the problem?

I have a windmill with 8 bars on the windmill with each bar separated by 45 degrees, where half of the windmill is on screen and half is outside the screen. I want to rotate the windmill and make it rotate forever. Also I want to attach a child at the end of the windmill bars and it will rotate along with the wi

Cocos2d - Change sprite animation (sprite sheet) based on touch
by TRobison in Web Design

I think I am mostly after a critique of the way I am using my Player class, and how to improve it.

My spritesheet contains all the sequences I feel I need for the actions I am after. But what I would like initially, is that when my "jump" button is pressed, that the animation the character is going through is stopped, and the "jump" sequence from the spritesheet it used. (walk - fo

AS3 adding children to sprite affecting sprite dimensions…wierdly
by br0wn in Programming Languages

I have a 'InvZone' class in flash that extends sprite. The idea is that this class will create an array of Sprite children, compute and assign x,y,width and height properties to them and then addChild them in rows (how many rows and children being specified in the arguments).

Both the sprite (invZone) and its children (invWindow) are in the Flash library. There they have symbols

How to change the path of a falling sprite and let the sprite fall in curve way into a specific position in Andengine?
by demetris in Programming Languages

I am having a sprite which falling to bottom.. Now in the touch action I want to change the path of that sprite and let it fall in a curve way(projectile manner).. Please suggest me what should use..

How do you make a static sprite be a child of another sprite in cocos2D while using SpaceManager
by ezzze in Mobile Programming

I have two static (STATIC_MASS) SpaceManager sprites. One is a child of the other - by which I mean that one sort of builds up the other one, but although the child's images shows up in the right place, the child doesn't seem to exists in the chipmunk physics engine, like I would expect. In my case, I have a backboard (rectangular sprite) and a hoop (a circular sprite). Since I might want t

A tool to reverse the process of sprite composition by ImageBundle and split the generated sprite back into image snippets
by David in Development Tools & Services

Is there any tool out there (perhaps the GWT compiler itself can be used as a standalone app) for generating individual images from the *.cache.png files created during compilation?

Or, is the mapping information (for sprite geometries) available via an API?

I looked up information on the GWT repository, the documentation, here on StackOverflow, and possibly

Rotating a cocos2d sprite on an anchor point outside of the sprite
by Mihai Mocanu in Programming Languages

Currently the setanchor function only sets the anchor within the sprite frame. Is there any (easier) wway to change the anchor point to a coordinate on screen space? My purpose is to allow the sprite to rotate around a circle.

TIA for any suggestions made.

Change a sprite texture, with image from a sprite-sheet
by tontod in Programming Languages

I'am stuck!

This is how I create a sprite with texture form a sprite-sheet. But how do I change the sprites texture later on?

I have tried using setTexture but I can't get i working.

[[CCSpriteFrameCache sharedSpriteFrameCache] addSpriteFramesWithFile:@"gameSpriteSheet.plist"];
CCSpriteBatchNode *spriteSheet = [CCSpriteBatchNode batchNodeWithF

How to add multiple sprite sheets in cocos2D and make it seem like one sprite?
by amiT jaiN in Programming Languages

Please help me anyone of possible. I am building a game where I will be loading multiple CCSpriteBatchNode objects and make them change co-ordinates and rotate the frames so it would seem as if the they are animated and they are moving. I have already achieved moving one CCSpriteBatchNode object from one coordinate to another and it is animated. Now I need it to do another very different animat

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