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How do I Convert Units of Area & Volume Square Feet to Square Yards?
by Janne Lammi in Home & Garden
Square feet and square yards are units that measure the area of a flat surface. A square foot is an exact square that measures one foot on all four sides, while a square yard measures one yard on all four sides. There are three feet in every yard, and nine square feet in every square yard. Use this information to convert the measurements or try the automatic square yards to square feet converter i

Select smaller square matrices along the diagonal inside a big square matrix in R
by Russia in Programming Languages

First of all, if the title of my question is not clear, please go ahead and edit it!

So suppose I have a square matrix.

ex = outer(1:4, 2:5, "+")
colnames(ex) = paste(rep(c("Subj1", "Subj2"), each=2), "_",
rep("Factor1", each=2), ".", rep(c("A", "B")), sep="")
rownames(ex) = paste(rep(c("Subj1", "Subj2"), each=2), "_",

How to draw an unfilled square on top of a stream video using a mouse and track the object enclosed in the square automatically in C#?
by Enar in C & C++ & C#

I am making an object tracking application. I have used Emgucv
to load a video file
to a picturebox. I have also taken the video stream from a web camera.

Now, I want
to draw an unfilled square on the video stream using a mouse and then track the object enclosed
by the unfilled square as the video continues to stream.

This is what people ha

How to Find the Square Root of a Number That Doesn't Have a Perfect Square
by Tom Berthon in Education
The square root of a number multiplied by itself yields that number. Some numbers are perfect squares such as 25 (five times five) and 100 (10 times 10). Other numbers are not perfect squares. Although the easiest way to find the square roots of these numbers is by using a calculator, you may not always have one nearby when you need it. In these cases, you can figure the square root yourself by us

How to draw a square on a video and track the object enclosed by the square
by frozentundra123456 in Programming Languages

I am doing a Final Year Project to track an object(human) by drawing a square around a human in a video. I am doing this project in C# .NET.

I asked in a forum about this and they said to use GDI+ and mouse handling (which I have no clue about).

Do I have to do segmentation and then identify the region where the square was drawn,
splitting the video to frames perhap

How to Convert Square Inches Per Linear Foot to Square Feet
by Ingoschi in Hobbies, Games & Toys
A linear measurement is a measurement taken in a straight line, and a square measurement is the length multiplied by the width. Many DIY products and home improvement items are sold in square feet. Items such as carpet, lino, wood and beading are commonly sold per square foot. Work out the square footage of an area before ordering the items. Square measurements are also used on building sites and

How to enumerate unique paths reaching top right (h8) square starting from bottom left (a1) square of a chess board given some move rules?
by Dmitry in Programming Languages

I was asked a few weeks ago, to find all the different and unique ways to reach the top right of a chess board, with x, y > 3, starting from (0, 0), knowing that you can only increase x and y by +1.

I still haven't been able to find algorithms that would explain how to navigate over a chessboard, so I was wondering if you guys had anything to recommend ?

In other words :

How to Measure the Square Feet of Carpet to Square Yards
by Pseudoics in Home & Garden
As you measure a room for carpet, the process often requires math formulas to determine the measurements you need. Multiplying the length and width of a space will determine the area of the space you wish to carpet. The process may be more challenging with the conversion of feet to yards. To calculate the square yards of carpet needed, measure and determine the square foot area first and then con

How to Convert 1600 Square Feet to Square Meters
by dantino in Education
Areas are measured in square units. For many basic geometric shapes, from triangles to squares to rectangles, multiplying the measurement of one dimension by that of another dimension calculates its area. For example, for a rectangle with a length of 6 inches and a width of 3 inches, multiply the length and width together to determine the area, 18 square inches. Square feet and square meters are b

How to Convert Square Meters to Square Feet With a Calculator
by acacio in Education
Conversion from meter to feet is as simple as knowing that 1 meter = 3.2808399 feet and multiplying the number of meters by 3.2808399. Dealing with squares is a little trickier. A square is a number (the root number) times itself. A meter times a meter equals a square meter, so 3 meters x 3 meters = 9 square meters. Converting from square meters to square feet requires working backward and then fo

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