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How to get the last of each entity in the GAE datastore that starts with 'A', that starts with 'B', etc
by Murali Ravipudi in Development Tools & Services

I have a GAE datastore with 303 Game() entities.

class Game(db.Model):
title = db.StringProperty(required = True)
slug = db.StringProperty(required = True)
category = db.CategoryProperty()
description = db.TextProperty(required = True)
created = db.DateTimeProperty(auto_now_add = True)

The 'slug' property is simila

Activity starts Remote service, Starts another activity and finish() initial activity. Is this a problem?
by Caomai in Programming Languages

My initial activiy is basically a splash screen while preforming initialization and login in to network server. To save memory I want to finish() the splash activity once it starts the main menu activity. I still want the remote service to operate. Testing shows it does. But am I going to get into trouble doing this?

I know I can restart the remote from the main menu activity bu

ASP.NET app never starts
by pad in Development Tools & Services

After migrating my app to .NET 4 it's not starting. When i'm trying to load it in browser it endlessly loading it and nothing else happening. There is no errors or timeouts, just loading.

Please help. What should i do? What reasons there might be? I'm using IIS6 btw.

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fdb always starts in IE
by coding-style in Programming Languages

I don't known what happened but fdb.exe now always start debug swf in IE
And IE not my default browser!

How to return its default behaiviuor? (embeded browser only with swf)

TAGS : always starts

How JVM starts looking for classes?
by Topher Cyll in Programming Languages

I was curious about what all locations JVM looks for executing a program? I'm more interested in understanding in what sequence and where does JVM look for class files, like does it look into java libs, extension libs, classpath any directory like the current directory from where the java is invoked? I'm more interested in JVM behaviour and not how class loader load class, which I know ha

App crash when it starts
by cerebusPu in Programming Languages

I wanted to use a 'switch' with String, which is supported only in compiler level 1.7, so Eclipse offered me to upgrade it, and then fix my project properties. Since then, my app starts, and even before OnCreate is called, it crashes. I know for sure that the problem is the compiler level, but I reverted it back to defaults, and still it doesn't work... What can I do?


TAGS : crash when starts

Run an exe when machine starts
by Gábor in Programming Languages

I have created an SMS application in .NET.
I wanted that the application should run when the computer starts, even before the user logs in.

Just like the SQL Server.

Does android keep a log of when it starts?
by DMasterX in Android

I'm making a parental control/accountability app for android. It consists of a monitoring service that runs in the background and starts when the phone is booted.

Unfortunately, I have found that when android is started in "Safe Mode", services are not started automatically, and because of this my app has a serious flaw.

While in safe mode, the web and other apps can be

How to Get Starts From Roses
by riahc3 in Home & Garden
Known for coming in a multitude of colors and sweet scents, roses are hardy and tolerant of many soil types. Roses are also some of the most hybridized of all flowering plants. One result of hybridization is a lack of scent -- the aspect many gardeners love most about old-fashioned roses. Start roses at any time of year, but results are best November through February.Difficulty:ModerateInstruction
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What Happens If Your Cat Starts to Lose Its Fur?
by Dennizzz in Pets
A thick and colorful fur coat is a distinguishing feature on many cat breeds. It is not just a mark of beauty, but also stands out as a sign of good health and vitality. If a cat starts to lose large amounts of hair, it can be concerning for cat owners. Extreme hair loss in a cat is a sign of a serious illness and getting medical attention for it right away is important. Importance of FurA heal

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