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What Are the Strengths of Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements?
by Floubadour in Business
Accountants prepare income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements for use by business managers and external users. These financial statements form the basis for accurate reporting on the activities of the company. A wide range of users depend on the financial statements for a variety of reasons. PreparationAccountants follow a specific set of accounting standards and generally acce

jQuery statements which interact with the DOM not working on 'soft' refresh only, but console log statements are
by Tim Watson in Web Design

I feel like I am banging my head against a wall right now; I know it has been reported, in jQuery 1.8.0, that the document.ready function is firing too early in IE 9 & 10. However I have the following snippet of code running under jQuery latest (1.9.1):

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
window.ie = (functio

Process of Converting Fund Financial Statements to Government Wide Statements
by Star Gryphon in Business
In 1999, the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) issued Statement No.34, which put into place a major overhaul of financial reporting requirements for state, city and township governments throughout all 50 states. The intention was to make annual reports more easily accessible and understandable. Instead of governments presenting annual statements on a fund-by-fund basis, reports will b

I need to know how i can write IF statements and CASE break statements that use and execute queries, etc in MySQL?
by Christian Seitzer in Databases

I need to execute a query that is highly dependent on several conditions what need to be checked by analyzing that data in other tables, the base goal is to return the rows from the tables if all of the conditions in the other tables are true, I am fed up with INNER joins LEFT joins and WHERE statement, i need to look up one table, if the returned value is 1, 0 or 4 or a set of values, i need t

PHP/MySQL - Mysqli - Prepared Statements - Run multiple insert statements within another select statement while loop?
by Thierry Brunet in Development Tools & Services

I am having a problem with what I would assume is my logic behind how to deal with stored data relating to lines ordered within an e-commerce system.

I have two arrays. One array (orderedItems) keeps track of the various product id's relating to ordered products. The other array (orderedItemQuantity) keeps track of various product id's and also a quantity v

jQuery - How do I make statements execute only after previous statements are complete?
by Morbo in Programming Languages

For example, i'm using the beforeSend option in the $.ajax function. In the code sample below, the .html function will get executed while the fade out is taking place on the statement before. How could i stop this behavior?

jQuery("#container").fadeOut("slow", function() {

How to Convert Fund Financial Statements to Government-Wide Statements
by NAM TRON in Business
Government accountants use a dual-track system to keep track of government revenue and expenditures. Accountants keep track of funds earmarked for a variety of programs; at the end of the year, they must also convert these fund financial statements into a government-wide statement, which shows all revenues and expenses belonging to the government. Accountants must do a series of complex adjustment

What Goes on Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Statements of Retained Earnings?
by chintown in Business
Accounting standards and industry guidelines tell financial managers and corporate leadership what must go on financial data summaries, including income statements, balance sheets and statements of retained earnings. Taken together, these reports help a company's communicate its version of the economic story, including its operational soundness, financial stability and fundraising prowess. Inco

Benefits of Cash Flow Statements and Income Statements
by AJ. in Business
Income statements and cash flow statements are reports that companies research and publish annually to improve their operations and secure investors' confidence. Managers and investors both benefit from the analysis contained in these reports; when used together they create a more accurate picture of a company's debt obligations and earnings than either report alone. Budgetary ConcernsCompanies

Nesting OR statements within AND statements using Funnelback query parameters
by Hai Nguyen in Coding

I'm trying to insert OR statements within some AND statements on my search and am having trouble nailing down the operators I need to use.

What I'm essentially trying to do is state the following (cue the pseudo)

query = "nematode" && (meta_M == "North" || meta_M == "South") && (meta_N == "Category value 1" || meta_N == "Category value 2")

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