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What Is the Difference Between Single Station & Double Station Smoke Detectors?
by Lori in Home & Garden
Smoke alarms are designed to detect the presence of smoke in a dwelling and provide early warning of the danger to the inhabitants. The fire codes in many communities require new construction of single and multi-family dwellings to include smoke alarms. Many types and configurations of smoke alarms exist, including single station and double station smoke alarms. Single StationA single station s

How to Get a Job at a TV Station
by crooter in Careers & Job Searching
There are many more jobs available at your local TV station then just as an on-air personality. Accountants, bookkeepers, receptionists, mail clerks, public relations officers, and sales people are all needed to help a TV station run smoothly and stay in business. If you are looking for a career in any of these fields--or as a news anchor, reporter or weather person--finding a job at a station c
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DIY Dip Station
by soonk in Food & Drink
A dip station is a great way to display appetizers for a party or event. Preparation is extremely easy and you can include a large variety of dips as well as foods that can be dipped. A dip station is self serve so people can enjoy what they want from the station.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Dip recipes
Crock Pot
Vegetable trays
Bread trays
Fruit trays
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How to Get an AM Station
by 007ELmO in Electronics
Radio stations set to AM utilize "Amplitude Modulation." These AM stations use an oscillating signal that has a wave that travels up and down rapidly. The speed at which the radio wave oscillates is the frequency of the station. Some of the AM radio stations you find while flipping through the radio dial can feature special content that you won't want to miss, including popular talk shows and som
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How to Tip at a Gas Station
by Idontcare in Culture & Society
The attendant hustles over to your car, greets you and starts to fill up your tank. You are comfortable in your car until you realize that you have to tip the attendant. Or do you? You sit and anxiously wonder how much to give as you watch your tank fill with gas. Use these steps to determine exactly how much to give.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Check if the gas station is already cha
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How to Get a Silent AM Station
by demetris in Electronics
Silent AM radio stations are radio frequencies that are no longer used for broadcast. These stations are often used for soothing background "white" noise and as open radio frequencies for devices such as iPod and Zune transmitters, which allow you to play your audio device through the radio. While you can easily find these stations just by searching through the stations until you hear static, the
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How to Get an ID From the Police Station
by Floubadour in Legal
If you need to have your state ID returned from the police department, you will need to follow your local police department's procedure for claiming items in police custody. Each police department may have its own procedures to reclaim items in police custody, so check with your local police department regarding applicable procedures. Since you will not be able to show your ID for proof of identit

How to Get an FM Radio Station
by Germany in Electronics
How many times have you driven someplace new and wanted to hear a particular kind of music? The problem is you don't know where to look. Scanning through the entire FM radio spectrum can be painstakingly long. By the time you find a radio station you like, it could start fading out. You also might have to go through it several times since you might have missed the music you like the first time bec
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How to Own a Shell Gas Station
by alphamars in Business
Even when the economy is at its worst, buying a Shell gas station can still be a wise investment. Gasoline is almost recession proof and people will always need to buy it. If the gas station that you are considering buying offers other products and services in addition to gas, that is a definite plus for you, the buyer. Look into the best options for you, which could be either a straight sale or b
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How to Set Up a Net Radio Station
by DaveF in Internet
Internet radio is a rapidly growing business, and setting up an Internet radio station is much easier than setting up an actual physical radio broadcaster. The good thing about Internet radio is that it doesn't use AM or FM bandwidth, and the stations are easy to set up and manage, even by an inexperienced person. If you have a passion for music that you want to share with the world, the business
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