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How to Stay When You Know It's Over
by boonchew in Relationships & Family
Staying in a doomed relationship is one of the hardest things a person can do. While you may want to run away, many times there are reasons such as children, property or safety why people stay in a relationship when they know it is over. Read on to learn how to stay when you know it's over.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Find something that makes you happy and focus on it intensel
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How to Stay Away From Your Ex
by niswilsonnissen in Relationships & Family
Avoiding an ex is usually the best way to get over him or her and to help get over a breakup. Being constantly reminded of that person not only slows the healing process, it can also make your life very difficult. Sharing the same hobbies, friends, and favorite hangout spots can be a huge dilemma when you are trying to avoid an ex. But learn to stay away from your ex so that you can move on and he
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How to Get My Rat to Stay With Me & Not Run Away
by Darren Torpey in Pets
Rats are very intelligent creatures making them easy to train. Trust is key when attempting to train a pet rat. First you must establish trust and a bond with the rat, then you can train it to come to you when called or stay on your shoulder until you remove it to ensure it will not run away.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Baby food or yogurt
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How to Stay Fit
by M0dusFRee in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Many of us would like to be fit, but it's not always easy to get into shape. We have to work at fitness. Here are some steps to get you started.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Stop drinking excessively and smoking. Drinking alcohol can damage your liver and slow down your body and brain. Smoking causes cancer and can obstruct your airways and lungs accessing enough oxygen.
Start exercisin
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How to Stay in Bed All Day
by Carbito in Health
Sick time isn't just for the days when you can't stop throwing up. There are much needed mental health days that need to be taken, as well. Choose to take time off for yourself and stay in bed all day.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Tell everyone involved. Inform your family, friends, and anyone else that may expect something from you in a random 24 hour period that you will be out of bounds for th
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How to Stay fit while you Sit
by Justin Bowers in Careers & Job Searching
While your sitting at home, at your job or even in your car you can still keep fit, by doing these simple exercises. Your sitting right now, so take a few minutes and try these different exercises.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need

Raise elbows high up to shoulder level. Turn your torso slowly to the right as far as you can go and then slowl

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How to stay MVC!! :)
by zealot1983 in Development Tools & Services

I am very new to coding but I am striving to maintain a MVC design pattern at all costs!

I have an app whereby a tableview is selected which pushes to a new tableview. The plist and dictionaries are dealt with in the model class and it returns an array which populates the tableview. When one is selected, do I send that information to the controller than make some sort of query to ge

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My Defroster Won't Stay On
by Matthias in Cars
A defroster that won't stay on when activated may lead to an accident due to poor road visibility. This is because it is supposed to prevent fog, frost or ice buildup in your car's window. Determining the cause of a malfunctioning defroster requires initial troubleshooting steps. In most cases, the problem requires a fairly easy fix that you can perform on your own. However, a more serious case is
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The Air Conditioner Will Not Stay On
by Jérôme in Home & Garden
Your air conditioner can meet your cooling needs during those hot and muggy months. But an improperly functioning unit serves very little purpose as you sweat indoors. Not only does it diminish cooling efficiency, it can likely increase energy costs. Factors such as damaged coils, unclean or damaged filters and circuit breaker problems can cause your unit to shut off and shorten its lifespan. Insp

How to Stay Signed in to MSN
by ElMonoDelMar in Computers
MSN Messenger is the instant messaging and video chat application that is part of the Microsoft's Windows Live suite. By default, the MSN Messenger will start automatically every time you open Windows on your computer and stay signed in until you close Windows on your computer. However, if you have changed this default setting, you can restore the setting so that you can stay signed in to the MSN
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