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After upgrading to OS X Mountain Lion, memcached stopped working in MAMP (other terminal commands stopped working as well). Need help getting it back
by Lafe in Programming Languages

Upgrading to Mountain Lion has been a terrible experience so far. After upgrading, bash commands didn't even work in the terminal so I had them back into my path variable. Memcached also stopped working.

Anyways, when I try to use my cakephp application on my local environment with MAMP, I get a cakephp error saying my caching isn't configured correctly. Not surprisingly, class_e

What Are Pop-Up Ads & How Can They Be Stopped?
by Russia in Internet
Pop-ups are instances of your Web browser that display on your screen without a request. Web marketers use pop-ups to deliver advertisements in a method similar to how companies use commercials on TV. Pop-up ads primarily appear when you are browsing a Web page, but other delivery methods allow them to install on your computer and appear even when you are not Web surfing. If you find pop-up ads in
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PHP -> CLI has stopped working
by PatrickSimonHenk in Operating Systems

I recently installed Windows 7 on my desktop and the following problem has begun occuring:

I regularly run some PHP scripts from the commandline that are now giving this error in a popup window:

CLI has stopped working.

I cancel this and my script terminates. Not good...

I've googled around and tried most of the few ideas suggested but

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How to know where the script stopped?
by Iceland in Programming Languages

I was wondering if there was a way to know where the script stopped (ie: file + line), which would be useful for debugging or for removing stupid 'exit' calls lost somewhere in the code.

Thanks in advance

IIS stopped Working
by debuke in Programming Languages

I am developing web application using (C#) and (ASP.NET Web API) and MS SQL 2008 R2 and hosting on IIS7 in Windows Server 2008, All APIs return data in JSON

When i call any API from any web browser and refresh the page to call again before the first call finishes it give me warning in the event viewer and after 0 to 5 minutes the worker process in the II7 stopped for about 2 minutes

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Android Unfortunately App has Stopped
by mikk in Programming Languages

I am getting error : Unfortunately App has Stopped

By using below code, i am trying to call RestaurantActivity by using click on Restaurant Button.


public class AndroidDashboardDesignActivity extends Activity {
public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

Android 4.1.2 Unfortunately has stopped
by mckasty in Programming Languages

I want to download and parse an XML code from the internet and I have no problems with the version 2.3.3. Everything runs perfect!

But when I start the version 4.1.2 (AVD) I got following error:

Unfortunately, myProject has stopped.

At this line:

HttpResponse httpResponse = httpClient.execute(httpPost)

What is the problem

do-while stopped working
by enginecrew in Programming Languages

Back again with another rookie question. While working on a function for my homework project I found that my menu wouldn't exit when I press X, it worked just an hour ago and I haven't changed anything in main(). I commented out all the code in my functions just to be sure that nothing in a function interfered. I just can't find any problem and would be grateful for any help.


a.exe has stopped working
by Piriya in Programming Languages
char *createP(int);
int main()
int n,i;
char str[100];
printf("int n = ");
printf("string str = ");
return -1;
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IE7 Stopped Loading
by Jake Levitt in Computers
Internet Explorer 7 is not the most recent version available, but it gets the job done. A new installation of IE7 should not suffer from slowdowns or loading problems. If you surf the Web a lot, install add-ons or toolbars, you will start to notice reduced performance. It can get so bad that Web pages will stop loading altogether. Refresh PageSometimes when a Web page stops abruptly, it is onl
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