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After upgrading to OS X Mountain Lion, memcached stopped working in MAMP (other terminal commands stopped working as well). Need help getting it back
Category : Programming Languages

Upgrading to Mountain Lion has been a terrible experience so far. After upgrading, bash commands didn't even work in the terminal so I had them back into my path variable. Memcached also stopped working.

Anyways, when I try to use my cakephp application on my local environment with MAMP, I get a cakephp error saying my caching isn't configured correctly. Not surprisingly, class_e

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What Are Pop-Up Ads & How Can They Be Stopped?
Category : Internet
Pop-ups are instances of your Web browser that display on your screen without a request. Web marketers use pop-ups to deliver advertisements in a method similar to how companies use commercials on TV. Pop-up ads primarily appear when you are browsing a Web page, but other delivery methods allow them to install on your computer and appear even when you are not Web surfing. If you find pop-up ads in

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do-while stopped working
Category : Programming Languages

Back again with another rookie question. While working on a function for my homework project I found that my menu wouldn't exit when I press X, it worked just an hour ago and I haven't changed anything in main(). I commented out all the code in my functions just to be sure that nothing in a function interfered. I just can't find any problem and would be grateful for any help.


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Android 4.1.2 Unfortunately has stopped
Category : Programming Languages

I want to download and parse an XML code from the internet and I have no problems with the version 2.3.3. Everything runs perfect!

But when I start the version 4.1.2 (AVD) I got following error:

Unfortunately, myProject has stopped.

At this line:

HttpResponse httpResponse = httpClient.execute(httpPost)

What is the problem

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a.exe has stopped working
Category : Programming Languages
char *createP(int);
int main()
int n,i;
char str[100];
printf("int n = ");
printf("string str = ");
return -1;

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Android Unfortunately App has Stopped
Category : Programming Languages

I am getting error : Unfortunately App has Stopped

By using below code, i am trying to call RestaurantActivity by using click on Restaurant Button.


public class AndroidDashboardDesignActivity extends Activity {
public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

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My Toilet Gets Stopped Up Every Day
Category : Home & Garden
There's nothing worse than flushing a toilet and nothing happens -- particularly if it happens every day. A toilet that gets clogged often means there are bigger problems underneath the surface. There are a number of different places to check on your toilet system if it is constantly clogging, including the water level, the toilet drain and the main sewer drain for your house. Toilet PlumbingTo

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Can Foreclosures Be Stopped?
Category : Personal Finance
An imminent risk of home foreclosure doesn't mean that a bank will take your house. Your mortgage lender may send notifications warning you of an impending foreclosure. Taking a proactive approach and immediately working with your lender can help stop a foreclosure and perhaps save your home.

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IE7 Stopped Loading
Category : Computers
Internet Explorer 7 is not the most recent version available, but it gets the job done. A new installation of IE7 should not suffer from slowdowns or loading problems. If you surf the Web a lot, install add-ons or toolbars, you will start to notice reduced performance. It can get so bad that Web pages will stop loading altogether. Refresh PageSometimes when a Web page stops abruptly, it is onl

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How to Fix an Air Compressor Outside That Stopped
Category : Home & Garden
Air compressors are typically long-lasting tools that require little maintenance. When a compressor that has been functioning suddenly stops, the cause is usually related to several common issues. Compressors need electricity to run the motor, a sealed tank to hold the pressure and a clear air way to deliver the compressed air to your tools. Troubleshooting these three will typically provide a sol

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