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How to make conditional stopping and not stopping in $(window).bind('beforeunload')?
Category : Web Design

I have read that if I return something from the beforeunload handler, the browser will show a yes/no dialog with this prompt. How can this be done conditionally? For example, if a user has some unsaved data then ask him and if not then don't ask.

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ios5: stopping views from being unloaded / stopping viewDidUnload being called
Category : Operating Systems

Given that iOS6 no longer unloads views, and hence no longer calls UIViewController's viewDidUnload, I was wondering if there is a reliable way to cause this same behaviour on iOS5?

That is, I'd really like to stop my views unloading on iOS5, for all the same reasons Apple give for why they no longer unload views on iOS 6 (because it no longer saves any sig

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ganymed ssh-2 stopping java process is not stopping the remote process
Category : Java

I am using ganymed ssh-2 for java to connect to a remote system and execute a command which runs until user presses control-c.

The program runs fine and starts the process on remote system, but when i stop the java program, the process on the remote system is still running

I want to tail a log file and get that file to the host where i am running the java program

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JUnitCore Stopping
Category : Programming Languages

I want to stop/destroy a running JUnitCore, which is started with


Like pleaseStop() on the RunNotifier.

Any ideas?


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Scanner is not stopping
Category : Programming Languages

Please have a look at the following code. It is my attempt to manage the given numbers in ascending order.

import java.io.*;
import java.util.*;
import java.util.ArrayList;
public class TurboSort
public static void main(String[]args)
List<Integer> numbers = new ArrayList();
Scanner scan = new Scanne

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Stopping a Foreclosure
Category : Legal
Facing the prospect of a foreclosure is a daunting and depressing experience. However, there are some strategies that can stop a foreclosure from being filed or finalized. Many mortgage lenders are willing to consider alternatives to foreclosure, in part because it is to their financial benefit to do so. The costs associated with foreclosure are significant. Short SaleIf you find yourself facin

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IIS 7 PHP MYSQL stopping
Category : PHP

I want to execute a MySQL query which must return me aprox. 500.000 lines... But when I run it, it takes too long to retrieve results and stops on about line 50.000...

It has 10 columns, with small content, like some date, and values that never exceed 5 digits...
I have set the max execution for PHP to 600 secs, and MySQL timeout to 300, but it stops anyways...


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Regarding stopping of a thread
Category : Programming Languages

I have developed a code that will start two threads upon executing

public class MyThread1 extends Thread //extend thread class
// public synchronized void run()
//synchronized (this)
public void run()
for(int i=0;i<20;++i) {

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Regex not stopping where I think it should
Category : Programming Languages

I can't figure out why this is not stopping where I thought it should.

Here is the example string.

<div class="blah"><a href="www.foo.bar">foo bar</a></div>
<div class="blah2"><span><a href="www.bar.foo">bar foo</a></span></div>

This grouping repeats itself over and over so I'm usi

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Help with Stopping a thread
Category : Programming Languages

Here is the code I'm using.

public class timerApp {
Runnable timerRun = new runX();
Thread thread1 = new Thread(timerRun);
public static void main(String[] args) {
timerApp xyz = new timerApp();
public void createGUI() {
JButton button = new JButton("Start timer");
JButton button2 = new JButton("Stop

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