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Are StopWatch.ElapsedTicks and StopWatch.Elapsed.Ticks always the same?
by Vinicios in Programming Languages

What does ElapsedTicks and Elapsed.Ticks in the StopWatch class mean? When could the meaning be different than intended?

How to Use a Stopwatch
by swassbac in Sports & Fitness
If you've been asked to volunteer at a swim meet or run, this information could prove timely.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need

Hold the stopwatch in one hand with your thumb on the top button.
Press the button twice in rapid succession to clear the previous time.
Press and release the button once to start timing.
Let the watch run until y

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How to Set Up a Stopwatch on a PC
by Shrek Qian in Computers
Today's hectic schedules often make it necessary for people to use time management tools in order to be efficient with their use of time. The computer has been a great tool in this regard by being a time saver and performing many activities much faster than could ever be accomplished by hand. Computer users can take this a step further and use a software stopwatch with multiple features to aid the
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Correctness of .net stopwatch
by Dannar26 in Programming Languages

We are debugging some performace problems and have notice some strange results from stopwatch.

We have a client that calls a web service
We log the time at the service layer og the web service with stop watch
We log the time at the lower layer with datetime.now.ticks

Layer 2 is just a pass through layer with 2 lines of logging.

The times recorded are:


jQuery Stopwatch
by Edwin41 in Web Design

I have an issue with a stopwatch plugin I am using available at: https://github.com/robcowie/jquery-stopwatch

Basically part of my phonegap Android app gets the speed from the GPS using the following script:

watchID = navigator.geolocation.watchPosition(win, fail, { maximumAge: 15000, timeout: 4000, enableHighAccuracy: true });
function win(position) {
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Parts of a Stopwatch
by deshao in Sports & Fitness
All stopwatches have the same basic parts to them; the face, where the time is displayed, and the buttons. A stopwatch differs from a clock in that it does not measure constant time, but rather counts time upward at very precise intervals. Stopwatches are used for sporting events, but are useful for any situation in which you need to measure time precisely. FaceThe face of a stopwatch may be e
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How Does a Stopwatch Work?
by Sweden in Sports & Fitness
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How to Use iPhone Stopwatch
by sub-80 in Electronics
The iPhone comes pre-installed with a stopwatch feature in the Clock application that allows users to time specific events. The stopwatch feature is a convenient way to record the duration of events and is accurate to a tenth of a second. There is also a lap feature that allows users to track a repetitive event--such as running a lap--and separately record the time that each lap takes. The iPhone
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How do I Use a Robic SC-505 Stopwatch?
by Thyrius in Sports & Fitness
You can time yourself or your friends while racing with Robic's model SC-505 entry-level stopwatch. Its features include single event timing, accumulated chronograph functions, auto lap release, interval functions, 1/1000 second resolution, a 24-hour maximum event timing capacity, 30-meter water resistance, a 99-lap capacity and a five-year battery life.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Hold down
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jquery: stopwatch
by postmortemIA in Web Design

I'm using the stopwatch code I found here:

(function($) {
$.fn.stopwatch = function() {
var clock = this;
var timer = 0;
// This is bit messy, but IE is a crybaby and must be coddled.
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