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Azure SDK 1.7 Storage Emulator - Queue Storage won't start - using Storage Client with dev env custom ports
by Phil Austin in Web Design

Problem: Azure Storage Emulator could start Blob and Table storage, but Queue Storage would fail to start, showing an error dialog:
"File is in use by another Process"
found resolution to that issue, but now I'm having issues with my development environment storage client. Here's what I've done...

port 10001 is the default port for the Queue Storage, so based on some rel

Error importing storage module staticfiles.storage: “No module named staticfiles.storage”
by CjK in Web Design

I'm trying to start barebone site with django-cms 2.2 and django 1.2.3, but receive this error:

Error importing storage module staticfiles.storage: "No module named staticfiles.storage"

when going to
What one needs to do?

Is Azure Cloud Service Local Storage access faster than Blob Storage
by Joe in Databases

I'm architecting a application for azure cloud services.

This application is going to load some configuration files and other support files possibly multiple times... like DLL's, XAMLX files and others XMLs...

So for the sake of performance I was wondering if copying a blob to the cloud service local storage and then working with it would be more performatic (and possibl

Image Format for Large Storage in relation to Nature of Storage system
by mrmt in Databases

Now, I have read these questions which may have a relation with this question: Scalable Image Storage, Large scale image storage, http://serverfault.com/q/95444.
The following things i have found out, before i ask my question:

1. Facebook uses Haystack (something CLOSED-SOURCE to the open-source world)
which is very efficient. Its a form of File system storage, engineered for

Clent-side data storing,DOM storage or HTML5 Local Storage?
by Super56K in Web Design

Im really confused when thinking about my requirement to store data locally for offline viewing.Now i have two options,DOM storage and HTML5 Local storage.
As im a complete newbiew in this particular topic,i need some help of SO Experts and Gurus.
Whats the Advantage and Dis-advantage of these two.?can any one compare these one.,so that i can understand deeply or give some reference l

How to connect Azure Storage to read .txt files from blob storage
by enginecrew in Operating Systems

Could anyone let me know how to read a text file from Azure Blob Storage?

HTML5 offline storage. File storage? Directories and filesystem API
by Iron Woode in Web Design

For storing data offline WebApp can use:

session storage, "advanced version of cookies"
key/value based Web Storage (AKA local/global/offline/DOM storage)
sql-based Web SQL Database and Indexed Database API
FileReader and FileWriter API (requires user to select files each time the application loads)

But apparently there is no File Storage. Of course, there is a

Android - Internal Storage vs External Storage when App installed on SD Card
by Miklebud in Programming Languages

I have an app which downloads large amounts of content (it varies between users but could be 200mb to 1GB or more).

Currently I save all of this content on External Storage as this is likely to be the area with the most space, such as an SD card. This works fine for the most part however there is a situation where this isn't necessarily ideal.

If the device has in built

Persistent storage maximum size reached while the length of storage is 0
by picamiolo in Web Design

I got a "Persistent storage maximum size reached" error when I call the following code:

localStorage.setItem('key', 1);

But when I get the length attribute of the localStorage, the result is 0:

localStorage.length; // returns 0

The problem occurred on my Firefox 13.0.1 Mac version

Rspec and Carrierwave. When changing config.storage to file for testing, I get an ArgumentError is not a recognized storage provider exception
by Blue in Programming Languages

I have two carrierwave uploaders in my application. ImageUploader is for uploading locally and ImageRemoteUploader for uploading to Amazon S3 storage using fog. ImageUploader has storage set to :file and ImageRemoteUploader has storage set to :fog. This setup works fine, but when I start to set up my rspec tests, things change.

The problem arises when I ch

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