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Is storing the answer to a secret question any more secure than storing a password?
by eskimospy in Development Tools & Services

Reading what is currently the top answer to a recent question on how/whether to send users their passwords, I was intrigued that the most popular answer said the following...

storing passwords in such a way that they are retrievable is insecure
using a reset feature with the help of a secret question is a valid alternative

(These two points seem contradictory.)

Javascript Large String storing in code vs. storing in a dom object (such as a <pre> , <div>)
by acheron in Web Design

I have a large javascript string.
var s = '...............'; // this is about 32000 characters long.

if you wonder: that bit of javascript is autogenerated.

Does anybody know if it is better to store it outside of the javascript
For instance in a dom object in the html page and then retrieve it
(e.g. var s = document.getElementById('hiddenTextArea').val

Problem storing text to a String[] and then storing the array to a Vector
by massmedia in Programming Languages

OK so for background I've only been using Java for a little more than a week and I am making a basic GUI "Recipe Book" application just to test out some of the techniques I've learned. Currently I'm working on the "Add New Recipe" page that allows the user to make a new recipe by adding ingredients one at a time. The ingredients have 3 attributes: Name, amount, and unit (like cups, oz, etc) t

iOS storing files rules - Storing audio files on iOS app
by XLNC in Operating Systems

I need to be sure I am doing the right thing:

In my app the user can download audio files from the server. I don't want those big file to be backed up as he can re download them when ever he needs to.

My app is addressed for iOS 4.0 and above.

So as I understand I need to store the files is the documents directory and set a flag for the directory to not bac

GWT and storing a session key
by IeraseU in Programming Languages

My app logs into an external service & needs to store the sessionKey (the sessionKey needs to be added to the HTTP header for future RPC calls).

What alternatives do I have for storing the sessionKey ?
I've read about a scenario where the sessionKey is saved into a DIV tag on the page.

TAGS : storing session

reading txt storing in different
by nishar7 in Programming Languages

ASp.NET application.
In button click i am accessing one text file and reading content and storing in other destination.

while both users clicking this button at a time deadlock(thread is being used by other process) will occurs so how to handle this i want to read each user one by one can any one suggest method to handle.
i am looking to handle with waithandle events so

Changing before storing
by Radeon962 in Web Design

In WordPress, I want to change something in the post content before it gets stored in the database... How would I make WordPress send the content to my custom function before storing it in the database and then receive the modified content back to finally store it?

cassandra: Storing value?
by Derek in Programming Languages

I wanted to make a tryout this weekend with Cassandra + PHP in my testing environment. So after a few hours of headache trying to install it, I finally succeeded and got it running.

However, I've tried out the different PHP wrappers for cassandra, and I have totally failed to connect with anyone. SimpleCassie which I want to use, gives the following error when I run the following co

How is everyone storing connectionstrings?
by bigben2wardpitt in Programming Languages

I was wondering if people could post their solution to the ongoing problem of local databases and different connectionstrings among many developers in one project within source control?

More specifically, I'm talking about the problem where a project that is in source control and has many developers with a local database each. Each developer has their own connection string (named i

C# storing information
by DJ-phYre in Development Tools & Services

Hi there,

I am working on a server program in C#, but I've run into a problem. When a user connects, his account is authenticated, etc. That's all fine.

But the problem is that the server will have to execute alot of query's and functions with the connected user's username, password, etc. as parameter. This wouldn't be a problem if I only had 1 client, but multithreading

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