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a strange $.get()
by rbonestell in Web Design

I have this code, a simple jQuery GET:

$.get(url, params, function(){

I wonder why the function_call() is never executed. The server at url is up and running and changing the function to $.ajax() shows no errors (the error option is not executed), but it's not worki

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How to Ask Out a Strange Guy
by Netopia in Relationships & Family
In the past, it always fell to the guys to ask the girls out, but times have changed. Many girls are now asking guys out on dates and taking control of their dating lives. It takes some courage for anyone to ask someone on a date, and it is good that girls are picking up their fair share of the load. If a girl is friendly, open and talkative, she should be able to ask a guy out with no problem.
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How to Be Strange
by qba73 in Education
Strange can be good or bad. The man talking to himself on the subway has a strange vibe, but there is also the strange, somewhat amusing behavior of eccentric old millionaires who leave their wealth to their beloved pets. You can be strange by taking stock of what society deems normal and taking a different path.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Observe the normal behavior around you, and make a
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ASP.NET MVC 2 strange behavior
by ChaseVoid in Programming Languages

Recently I installed VS 2010 Release (migrated from RC) and my MVC application is not working anymore. More concrete: I have a wizard with several steps for new customer account creation (Jquery form wizard, but it doesn't really matter). Each step contains a typed partial View for each part of account: Company, Customer, Licence, etc. When I submit the form I see really strange thing i

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DB strange behaviour
by jeffrey in Databases

I encountered the following confusing problem:

A DB table was updated through CSV file and some KSH script:

logFile=$moduleDir/install_scripts/`basename $0`_$(date '+%Y%m%d_%H%M').log
cp -ri $moduleDir/ntscripts/datafiles/* $PROVHOME/database/ntscripts/datafiles
echo "

a strange error
by NAM TRON in Programming Languages

i define method in my class and this error occurred.
error C2371: redefinition; different basic types

my Method:

Buffer::SetSourceCode(string str)

and my class:

class Buffer
string SourceCode;
int Index;
int PreIndex;
int Length;
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App Testing Strange
by LeeFlannery in Programming Languages

I obtained my apple certificate, and my application ran on my iPhone 3gs(5.0.1), but on this application aren't applied recent changes; if i build the application on iOS 5.0 simulator, the application apply this recent changes, thanks to everyone.

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app name look strange on device
by besn in Programming Languages

i have cut my app name in two parts using a line break so my name will appear on two lines under the icon in the program list, like this:

<string name="app_name">Munspel

This works well on the emulator, and on a samsung galaxy where i am testing my application. However, when I install it on my old device Godroid V.5 android ve

.NET - Very strange NullReferenceException?
by William Burke in Programming Languages

How can I get a NullReferenceException in the following scenario?

Dim langs As IEnumerable(Of SomeCustomObject) = //some LINQ query
If langs Is Nothing Then Return Nothing
If langs.Count = 1 Then //NullReferenceException here

What am I missing here? Debug shows that langs is really just a LINQ queryresult without any re

A very strange behaviour of MPI
by sdifox in Programming Languages

I've got a very strange bug while using MPI. A successfully created communicator can't be deleted. A deleting attempt results in FATAL ERROR on all nodes except the ones that are included in communicator group. The minimal working example is below. What do you think about the reason of such strange behaviour?

#include <stdio.h>
#include <mpi.h>
int main(int

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