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Given an x264 stream and an ogg vorbis stream, how do I make a muxed stream that mplayer/VLC can read?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm confused and a bit stuck with this question. All I can find on Google is basic usage of transcoding software, which is not related to the question.

I'm making a game and I'd like to include native capture ability to stream video. I would much like to stream this to a standard-ish client, such as VLC. It needs to be both in a format it recognizes and it needs to be multiplexed in

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How can I detach a stream from a stream reader or stream writer?
Category : Programming Languages

I have a class which accepts a stream as input (in the constructor). It surfaces content from this stream through various methods.

However, I don't want my object to be responsible for closing the stream -- that should be the responsibility of the caller. I therefore need to close my StreamReader inside my class, but I can't close the underlying stream.

Is this possible?

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reading huge chunks of data from stream: Is there something like “stream.hasBytesAvailable”
Category : Development Tools & Services

I need to read huge chunks of data from a stream. The length of the data is not known before sending. There is no special "end-character" in the stream.
Problem: i get multiple data-events for the stream, and i do not know, when to start the processing of the data.

I know a pattern from other programming languages where i can find out, if there is data left in the TCP stream (

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Clearcase: Does rebasing a stream in your snapshot view affect other users views on that stream
Category : Programming Languages

Does rebasing a stream in your snapshot view affect other users of that stream. For example, say I change to my view of stream_x, then do a

ct rebase -reco
ct rebase -complete

Does the rebase affect the stream_x or only my view of that stream?

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Broken Pipe exception when tried to stream mp3 stream from local server to android mediaplayer
Category : Android

I am trying to stream mp3 stream from my local http server indeed hosted on my phone to android media player.When local server gets the new socket , it starts writing some http headers followed by mp3 stream. but mediaplayer socket is throwing "Broken pipe" exception.Wat may be the issue causing this.

Thanks in advance

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how to pipe readable stream to a child_process.exec command using event-stream in node.js?
Category : Programming Languages

I have the following (non-functioning) code:

var es = require('event-stream');
var cp = require('child_process');
es.split(/[ s]+/),
if ( /.txt$/.test(data) ) cb(null, data);
else cb();
es.child(cp.exec("cat "+data)) // this doesn't

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how to read httpWebRequest's request stream in c#, i got error“ the stream is not readable”?
Category : C & C++ & C#

hi i want to read request stream from a custom httpWebRequest class that inherits from httpWebRequest and i have tried to read the request stream in different stages but sitll not sure how to archieve that in the class,thanks very much for any help.

This custom httpWebRequest is used to serilize soap message and i want to know what request has been sent in string format. I also impl

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How to Stream Udp multicast through live555 linux and then open up a rtsp network stream read by VLC
Category : Operating Systems

I am trying to setup a network where I am reading a broadcast with live555 and then trying to send out an RTSP server I was reading the tutorials on the website and couldnt find what I was doing wrong. My process was I opened up a streaming network through VLC to stream udp to the port that live555 was listening to then I opened testOnDemandRTSPServer for live555 and then opened a network stre

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Can kernel function( cuda ) in default stream and created stream running currently?
Category : Web Design

I create a stream like this way:

cudaStream_t stream0;
cudaStream_t stream1;
cudaStreamCreate( &stream0);
cudaStreamCreate( &stream1);

First time I run kernel function like


They are no

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NSURLRequest with HTTPBody input stream: Stream sends event before being opened
Category : Mobile Programming

I want to send a large amount of data to a server using NSURLConnection (and NSURLRequest). For this I create a bound pair of NSStreams (using CFStreamCreateBoundPair(...)). Then I pass the input stream to the NSURLRequest (-setHTTPBodyStream:) and schedule the output stream on the current run loop. When the run loop

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