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Play2 Framework proxy streaming content to client keeps connection open after streaming is done
by beginner99 in Programming Languages

The below code does streaming back to client, in, what I gather is a more idiomatic way than using Java's IO Streams. It, however, has an issue: connection is kept open after stream is done.

def getImage() = Action { request =>
val imageUrl = "http://hereandthere.com/someimageurl.png"
Ok.stream({ content: Iteratee[Array[Byte], Unit] =>

Is adaptive streaming (live http streaming) required of iphone apps that play video?
by Kbotei in Mobile Programming

We are creating a video intensive app and want to be sure that adaptive streaming is required (given that we need to write an automated transcoding and segmentation system to support this). Does anyone know if the YouTube app is using adaptive streaming?

live video streaming from an android phone to vlc streaming server and finally to end clients eg. web browsers
by lockdown571 in Android

I want to do a live streaming from android phone.
I created the mobile part and able to send video data in bytes format to server.

On server side I am able to read that, but want to broadcast it using vlc server to end client browsers.

I am able to configure vlc streaming for screen capturer and able to show in browsers using ogg/thoera format.

I m stuck

How to convert RTSP streaming to Http Live Streaming using lighttpd?
by Janko in Mobile Programming

I'm having a problem here. I want to play RSTP streaming on ipad and iphone. but I find out that it will be much more easier if I use Http Live Streaming. I want to convert my RTSP streaming to Http live streaming using lighttpd. but I really have no idea how to do that. Do lighttpd accetp rtsp streaming url as input? Can anyone help? thanks!

In Android how to pass HTTP streaming video URL from my app to other app which is streaming player?
by Jonathan in Android

I would like to take the HTTP URL streaming video from my app to other app which is streaming player and play the streaming and when I come out from that another app it should directly back to my app.

thanks in advance

Best rgds

JQM streaming youtube - can listen to audio but video not streaming
by TheMoo in Programming Languages

Hi this is my body for the page.

<div data-role="content" >
<div align="left">
<h3> Video</h3>
<iframe width="300" height="300" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/dR8lt_NkfDI?rel=0"
frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

But I

is a streaming server necessary to play iPhone streaming video?
by frugivore in Mobile Programming

I am a noob with regards to this. I just wanted to know if a streaming server is necessary to play streaming videos on the iPhone.

e.g. I have a couple of mp4's hosted on a server. Can i play those files directly using MPMoviePlayerController with the URL http://xxxx.xx.mp4?

Are there any commercial solutions for hosting videos for the iPhone?

Red5 / Adobe Streaming server live streaming
by bhupesh in Web Design

Is it possible to capture/encode a video file on a slow machine, then upload it live to a Red5 or Adobe Streaming server, and have that server stream to file live to flash clients?

If so, what protocol is used to stream the data from the encoding machine to the Red5 / Adobe server?

I see a lot of things about RTMP, but am I correct that this protocol is used between Stre

How to use SQL file streaming win32 API and support WCF streaming
by AndyD2k in Programming Languages

I'm using Sql server file stream type to store large files in the backend. I'm trying to use WCf to stream the file across to the clients.

I'm able to get the handle to the file using SQLFileStream (API). I then try to return this stream. I have implemenetd data chunking on the client side to retrive the data from the stream.

I'm able to do it for regular filestream an

iOS Music Streaming and HTTP Live Streaming
by KeithTalent in Operating Systems

I have several questions about audio streaming :

What i want to do is stream some mp3 files, between 3 and 7 mins (mostly music files) but these mp3 are provided by a server which is not mine. I precise that i want my app to be accepted in the appstore of course...

1 °/ I need to stream some mp3 music file over http, they are encoded at 128Kbps. Do I really need the HTT

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