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CSS PHP that i am struggling with
by mikk in PHP

I am having a hard time figuring out what's going on with a theme for a new script that i just bought.

My site is azngirls.com (don't worry it's not pornographic hahah) and if you go to the frontpage you will see that there is a nav bar on top or header bar that shows Login - Register (Forgot Password) and etc. and that bar is supposed to be on top without any gap but if you go to

I Am Struggling With Debt
by gitano in Personal Finance
Debt often starts small but slowly accumulates over time. It is easy to overspend one month thinking the money will be available the next. Eventually, debt can practically consume an individual's financial position. Financial help is always available, but measures such as bankruptcy may be an option. Self-HelpTo the greatest extent possible, you should try to tackle debt on your own. Carefully

Financial Help for the Struggling and Unemployed
by Thaweesak Suksuwan in Personal Finance
High levels of unemployment have many Americans struggling to make it without a steady income. It can take several months for an unemployed person to find work. In the meantime, financial help for the struggling and unemployed is in demand. Without an income, it’s impossible to support a family or pay for basic necessities like housing and food. There are a few opportunities available for th

How Can I Help My Second Grade Son Who Is Struggling With Math?
by AtenRa in Education
The second grade math curriculum moves beyond the basic number sense your child learned the previous year. Your child will learn more advanced operations, such as telling time, money concepts, and place value. If your child lacks a solid foundation in math concepts, he may struggle with the new math skills. On top of the instruction his teacher does at school, your home activities related to math

Government Help for Struggling Homeowners
by squarecut1 in Personal Finance
The 2009 Homeowner and Affordability Plan was a collective attempt by the U.S. federal government to help troubled homeowners avoid foreclosure. The implosion of the banking and credit industry left a record number of people with an "underwater" mortgage, which is the current catchphrase for a house that is worth less on the market than the loan taken out against it. Understandably, people are loo

How to Help Struggling Nursing Students
by eb. in Education
In order to become a nurse you must attend nursing school or college. Admission to a nursing program can be quite competitive. Once admitted, students may find classes quite challenging. The nursing curriculum focuses attention on the hard sciences and hands-on training. Students usually attend classes full time. Some students may find it difficult to master the material involved. There are many w

How to Lose Weight Without Struggling
by Cogman in Health
Although you recognize the health benefits of losing weight, you might be having trouble motivating yourself to begin your quest to lose weight. Some people struggle with diets that fail. You can lose weight without going hungry, becoming obsessive about exercising or using unhealthy practices to drop pounds. Follow a few steps to help you lose weight without feeling lousy and without failing m

How to Secure Your Job in a Struggling Economy
by Erik Ordway in Careers & Job Searching
In a struggling economy, unemployment numbers increase. Businesses have a harder time surviving, and many go under. This makes it harder to land a new job, and more difficult to keep the one you have. Many companies lay off or fire employees, because they can't afford the expense of keeping them. Securing your job in a struggling economy can be tough, but very doable.Difficulty:ModerateInstruction

Financial Help for a Struggling Single Mom
by WasntEnough in Personal Finance
Single moms have the burden of caring full-time for their children and making sure the bills get paid. Single moms often have to take on a second job to make ends meet, but that just increases the daycare expenses. Fortunately, there are state programs that help low-income single moms pay heating bills and obtain groceries to feed their families. WICWIC stands for "Women, Infants and Children."

Activities for Struggling Learners
by Matthieu Bozec in Education
You instinctively know that all your students are capable of learning, yet some battle mightily with the material. While no single set of activities can address all the needs of your struggling learners, you can use a framework for understanding how to approach the task. It is important work. Catching students when they are young and successfully connecting them to their education can reduce their

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