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How to display a students rank out of hundred students using PHP & MySQL?
by cerebusPu in PHP

I'm trying to get the rank of a certain student out of a class of a hundred, I want to be able to display the students rank.

I'm trying to get the rank of a student by grades and grade points. For example if student 1 has 2 A+ grades with a total of 10 points and student 2 has 3 B- grades with a total of 10 points student 1 will rank higher. I

How to Teach Students to Accept Special Needs Students
by mikko in Education
The trend in today's classroom is to mainstream special needs students. Whether a student is disabled, hearing or visually impaired or has a learning or behavioral disorder, each student is a human being and deserves to be treated with respect. They should be educated just like everyone else. However, some students have difficulty adapting to this new environment. Some will have difficulty accep

collect data form array of students grades and loop insert via sql only for students with no data
by Sigtryggur in Programming Languages

Hi all just another hurdle to jump.
I have a dynamic list of students from a form

<form method="POST" name="assignments" id="assignments" action="<? $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>">
$key = 0;
while($row_students = mysql_fetch_array($students))
{ ?>
<div style="margin-bottom:3px;">
<select name="student[<?php echo $k

What Are ECI Students?
by mdiezb in Culture & Society
Educational and Cultural Interactions Inc. (ECI) is an organization that provides educational opportunities for foreign exchange students. Its main goal is to encourage students from varied cultural backgrounds to learn more about each other. ECI maintains two campuses--one in Oklahoma City and another in Dallas, both of which are centrally located. The organization offers several educational opti
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Tax Help for Students
by Master843 in Personal Finance
Students have the benefit of some of their financial aid not having to count as taxable income. There are a number of tax deductions and credits available for students. Tax credits reduce the amount of tax you owe while tax deductions only reduce the amount of taxable income that you have. Tax deductions can either be above-the-line, meaning you can take them in addition to the standard deduction,
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How to Brief a Case for Law Students
by Iron Woode in Education
This is an article on how to brief a case of law students.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Step 1) It can be a daunting task as a first year law student in learning how to brief a case. The first step in briefing a case is to READ THE CASE THOROUGHLY. Get your highlighter out!
Step 2) The second step in briefing a case is pinpointing the ISSUE(S) of the case. Key words like "Whether or n

Causes of Fatigue in Students
by Dennis in Education
Fatigue may result from a student's lifestyle, physical condition or psychological state. In addition, its origin may be singular or a combination of things. Whichever the case, repeatedly falling asleep while driving to school or during class requires attention since it signals that something is askew. The student's fatigue may cease after relaxing or it may continue because of a more serious con

How to Assess CPE Students
by Tristan in Education
The Certificate for Proficiency in English (CPE) exam, developed at the University of Cambridge in England, contains five sections: reading, writing, use of English, speaking and listening. It is one of the most difficult exams available to students of the English language. Most students require intensive, consistent preparation for this exam for several hours each day. Likewise, teachers who are
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How to Teach Tae Bo to Students
by rodvand in Health
Teaching Tae Bo to students can be a rewarding experience for the student and the teacher. Tae Bo is a form of cardiovascular exercise that also incorporates self-defense, as well as music and rhythm. Tae Bo is a combination of the words taekwondo and boxing. It can help people lose weight and build muscle. If you have mastered Tae Bo and wish to share it with others, there are a few steps to take
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Hairstyles for G6 Students
by bash in Parenting
Girls entering sixth grade are starting middle school in most states. This marks a major changing point. The preteen is prone to worrying more about appearances, trends and developing her own style. Giving her a new hairstyle will provide additional confidence while allowing her to discover her own style. Three Ponytail BraidGoodbye traditional pigtails, Hello new look.Encourage image by Mykola

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