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Can using style=SOAPBinding.Style.RPC makes our application JAX-RPC style
by Eric in Programming Languages

I was going through this tutorial. It is giving the details about web service application using JAX-RPC. But in the interface I see the following things.

import javax.jws.WebService;
import javax.jws.soap.SOAPBinding;

Any comments on it please. If I am not wrong, it is JAX-WS style only righ

C++ Iterator dereference and prefix increment/decrement style? Is *--Iter ok style wise?
by Erik in Programming Languages

In coding with C++ iterators if you wanted to get the previous value to what an iterator points to would you write:


or would you think it better to add parentheses like so:



JavaScript: Find all <href> links and add style tag to it with style details like font, color etc.
by Timothy in Programming Languages

I have a field where the user can enter some text including links etc. Once the data is saved and the text should be previewed I need to format all the links to a certain inline style tag set on the <a href>. There is no option to use CSS so it should be inline.

Example entered text:Some text goes here. Please go to my web site, click here <a href="http:

How to move AT&T Style Assembly code over to Visual Studio and Intel Style Syntax?
by Seba in Programming Languages

I have a very specialized file written in x86-64 assembly for Linux, compiled under GCC. I need to move that code over to a Visual Studio project and mll64.exe wants the assembly file to be in Intel format.

I have tried to build a cross-platform DLL but it doesn't work:

15:47:19 cpudiag2 > gcc -shared -o my.dll my.o

/usr/bin/ld: my.o: relocatio

Javascript: add an inline style to elements in a page that have a specific computed style attribute
by green in Web Design

I'm trying to add an inline style to elements in a page that have a specific computed style attribute.

For instance:

p.mim {
a.fif {
<p cl

How spring recognises after reading xml that beans needs to be implemented as beanfactory style or applicationcontext style
by tangsty in Programming Languages

Is it possible for me to give a different name to ApplicationContext.xml?

As I have seen the answer here that we can change the applicationcontext file name, SO how spring recognises that its a applicationcontext or beanfactory?

Possible to style select element so style of selected option is shown when dropdown 'closed'?
by ShortOne in Web Design

Given this simple html,

<select id="ddl">
<option style="background:#0f0">a</option>
<option style="background:#f00;">b</option>

You can see that each option has it's own background colour.


How to Change What Memo Style Prints in the Outlook 2007 Print Style
by robvp in Internet
Outlook 2007 is part of the Microsoft Office bundled suite of productivity software. Outlook itself is the email, address and schedule component of the suite. It contains a calendar, allows for schedule creation, and manages addresses, email contacts and a to-do list. For the user who prefers a hard copy of these items, Outlook allows for printing from various components of the program. Because st

Make background color change on hover after setting style using ng-style
by Niels Kloster in Web Design

I have a list of words with a number (streak) assigned to each word. I set the background color of each word based on the number assigned to it using AngularJS's ng-style.


<ul class="unstyled">
<li class="tHi" ng-repeat="item in items" ng-click="getEdit(item.word)" ng-style="bgstyle(item.streak)">
<span>{{item.word}} {{

How to make style of SubmitButton consistent with Button style in Google App Script UI?
by mitry in Development Tools & Services

I am building an UI form via code (not using the UI Builder) and I noticed that the SubmitButton class style is not consistent with the Button class look & feel.
Would you know any way to adjust the look & feel of either the Button class or the SubmitButton class to make them similar.

I noticed that the Button has a call setStylePrimaryName, setStyleName etc... but the

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