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Possible to set filter on subform from parent form before subform data loads
by Italy in Databases

I have frmParentForm with multiple controls used to build a filter for frmSubForm.

On frmParentForm_Load, I am doing (simplified example):

Me.sbfInvoice_List.Form.filter = "[created_on] >= #" & Me.RecentOrderDateCutoff & "#"
Me.sbfInvoice_List.Form.FilterOn = True

The problem is, on initial load, it seems the subform load is occurr

Filter subform based on what is typed in a textbox on the subform
by Pakistan in Coding

I'm trying to filter the records shown on a subform based on what is typed in a textbox on the subform. The subform is called Users, and it is on the Group form. On the Users subform there is a textbox called txtFilter. If I type "W" in txtFilter, I want to show only records in which the User's lastName or userName begins with a "W". As I continue typing W...A...L I want only Users whose lastNa

MSAccess 2010 - Subform in a subform not showing fields
by dawza in Databases

I have a database with a main form, and on the main form is a subform. The subform also has a subform, which gets hidden unless a field on the first subform (the parent subform) is set to "ticket," at which time the second (child) subform appears. I got it working beautifully, except that the child subform appears blank, with no fields or labels on it. Just a background color that I set on t

Change a subform's recordsource from another subform in Access
by boonchew in Databases

I am using MS Access 2003 and I have a form with two subforms (subform1 and subform2) which are not nested. They both display tabular data on them so they cannot be nested. I would like to change the recordsource on subform2 based on a value in the current record on subform1.

I have tried to put the code in the oncurrent event of subform1 but I cannot seem to refer to the recordso

How to search subform and use data to add record in another subform
by Vick Aita in Databases

I have a main form INVOICE with subform INVOICEDETAIL(ITEMID, InvoiceID, Quantity, Price) and subform ALLITEMS (primary key ITEMID and subform readonly).

INVOICE is linked to INVOICEDETAIL via the InvoiceID field while INVOICE is not linked to ALLITEMS thus all items shows in ALLITEMS.

I want user to be able to double click items on ALLITEMS subform and the item is added

How to Add a Subform
by Igal in Computers
Microsoft Access is a database software program designed to help people manage information. The program includes pre-built templates, but you can create your own, customized database using the Visual Basic programming language. An important part of creating a highly useful database is adding forms and subforms, which allow users to see the relationship among data housed in separate tables. Using M
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Ahhhhh! Where did the subform go?
by YoNGaR in Coding

I have a form called Group in my MS Access ADP. On it is a tab control, and in each of the tabs there is a subform. The first tab contains the subform Users, and it isn't showing up in form view. Subform Users shows up in design view.

Any clue as to why this might be happening?

Continuous Subform
by phokus in Databases

I have an access database that uses a continuous subform on a form. The continuous subform contains a date field followed by three check boxes that link to the single date field. The user must be able to enter as many dates as they need to and check the appropriate boxes which will pull in that date into the associated field in the table. If the user clicks all three check boxes connected to an

How to Add a Subform in Access 2007
by Red Storm in Computers
The main form in Access 2007 may have another form inserted into it called a subform. The combination of form and subform may be called a hierarchical form, master/detail form or parent/child form. Subforms are most commonly used to show data with a one-to-many relationship. The following steps will show how to add a subform in Access 2007.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Start Access and open t

How to Access Subform Data
by boomhower in Computers
Knowing how to add data and then read it using a subform can save you time when you need to further manipulate data in an Access database. Access is a relational database management system often used to create local databases. A subform is a form inside of another form often used to display data from a different table than the main form. A form is used to design a graphical user interface and g

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