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How to get subkeys list of a given key
by Mark Tran in Programming Languages

I want to have a list that contains all the subkeys of a given key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREORACLE -> I want to have a list of all the subkeys of ORACLE

I wrote this code but it doesn't work:

Preferences p = Preferences.userRoot();
try {
for(String s : p.childrenNames())
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Enumerate registry subkeys in delphi
by static AG in Programming Languages

I'm attempting to install a driver on a client machine based on which version of MySQL is installed on the server and to do that I'd like to check the version on the server via registry key. That said, I need to enumerate the subkey(s) of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMySQL AB. There is usually just one key under this one and it is generally of the form: MySQL Server #.#, where # stands for a numbe

C++ Writing a DWORD value to all subkeys of a certain registry key
by fstender in Programming Languages

I have trouble making this code I found work for me.

Now: It adds 2 DWORD values the the Interface folder (registry key) in registry.

Desired: I would want it to add those 2 DWORD values to ALL the subkeys (subfolders) of the Interface registry key (folder).

I have got this pseudo code:

Open the parent key with RegOpenKey or RegOpenKeyEx

PHP setcookie to resemble ASP.Net Cookie subkeys
by Monev in ASP & ASP.net

ASP.Net has the concept of using 'subkeys' in cookies. i.e. You can write a cookie with

Response.Cookies("userInfo")("userName") = "patrick"
Response.Cookies("userInfo")("lastVisit") = "today"

This would create a cookie which looks like

Name: userInfo
Value: userName=patrick:lastVisit=today

Is there a native m

How to map HKEY_USERS subkeys and Windows usernames?
by errornosignal in Operating Systems

I thought the key names immediately below HKEY_USERS were supposed to be the usernames of whoever logged in at this machine at some time. But in my machine what appears is:


I'd like to be able to determine which su

in YAML, how to assign a string to a key that has subkeys?
by Geoffrey De Smet in Programming Languages

In YAML, for I18n Rails translations, I have

subkey: 'Some Text'

I can retrieve en.mainkey.subkey, but how can I assign a text to en.mainkey !?

I can't access certain subkeys in an entry in the registry
by Edwin Goei in Programming Languages

I'm trying to get to HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionGameUX, but the only subkey being returned in C# is MachineSettings - even though there are additional subkeys, including Games and several keys named for different user SIDs. How can I access these other keys? Even a standard user account can read the content of both Games and that account's own SID (when looking in regedit)...

How do I Change ACLs on Registry Subkeys?
by Johan_B in Computers
The Windows Registry controls many security aspects of the Windows operating system. Access Control Lists (ACLs) are located within the Registry. As the name suggests, ACLs control the extent of access that users have to various files, programs and processes on the system. ACLs can be set for an individual computer or across a network. Windows operating systems contain a program called Regedit tha

return array of windows registry key subkeys c++
by damomurf in C & C++ & C#

i have this code in a c void function to get and print subkeys of a windows registry key

TCHAR achKey[MAX_KEY_LENGTH]; // buffer for subkey name
retCode = RegQueryInfoKey(
hKey, // key handle
achClass, // buffer for class name
&cchClassName, // size of class string

GetSubKeyNames function return diffrent subkeys in C# and Visual Basic
by Pain999 in C & C++ & C#

I am using GetSubKeysNames function to get subkey from {HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstall}. But it returns diffrent subkeys count. In C# returns 371 subkeys, in visual basic returns 61 subkeys. Where am i wrong?

Here is some code and pic.


string[] deneme = unistallKey.GetSubKeyNames();


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