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How to Become Successful At Anything
by yhelothar in Careers & Job Searching
No matter what your looking to obtain - a better relationship, a promotion at work, or to gain income and become more successful, there are certain 'laws of attraction' that you can follow to actually attract success in your life! Yes, you can actually attract it! Before we go any further, please realize there is a difference in arrogance and being successful. Arrogance is when you just think you

How to Have a Successful VBS
by Mykola Novik in Culture & Society
Vacation Bible School (VBS) activities provide an opportunity for students to concentrate on a Biblical theme for a short period of time. The VBS instruction may take place over the course of a week during the day while parents work or at night and may involve the entire family. Regardless of which approach you use, the theme needs to appeal to the interests of all age groups you want to attract.
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How to Run a Successful Bar
by seigel in Business
Most assume running a bar equates to instant dollars. After all, what attracts people more than alcohol. But with fierce competition from other bars, restaurants, clubs, grocers and liquor stores customers are able to imbibe in a million different ways.Difficulty:EasyInstructions To run a successful bar you must first consider your theme. Are you going to have a biker bar? Is your tavern near a
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How Successful Can You Be as a DJ?
by Vlad Sirenko in Careers & Job Searching
Being a DJ does not get you fame and fortune, that's a fact. Most people are DJs because they love it. They're not in it for the money, because unless you work in a top market, you're not going to make much. But there are other types of success in being a DJ. Starting in the businessStarting out as a DJ, you're going to be low on the totem pole. You'll start out doing overnights or weekends. It
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How to Be Successful at a Job
by kaktos in Business
Being an exemplary employee can open the door to promotions and other professional opportunities. Your employer may consider you for a raise and may seek your advice on how to handle situations that arise in the workplace. Regardless of whether you like or dislike your responsibilities, you can be a successful team player on the job.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Be productive and complete you
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What Does it Mean to Be Successful?
by Rob M in Business
The best way to measure your business success is often elusive. While others may offer their ideas on whether or not you are "successful," their views will rarely match your own. When measuring your success, you should consider where you started, where you are now and what you wanted to achieve in your business. Identify Your MetricsYou are the only person who can decide if your business is a "

How to Know If an Argument Is Successful?
by China in Culture & Society
In a day and age defined by individual thought, we engage in arguments almost daily. Despite the ease of having a viewpoint, however, we sometimes find ourselves unable to communicate it effectively. Perhaps even worse, we may communicate our message but be unsure about whether it has achieved its intended result. To know whether our arguments have been successful, we must self-evaluate our approa

How to Date Someone More Successful Than You
by Bin in Relationships & Family
Dating someone who has garnered more success than you can often put an unnecessary crimp in your relationship. While it's often more difficult for men to date more financially successful women, it is fast becoming a woman's issue as she too, is seeking financial success of her own. The important thing to remember is while a person's professional resume is a significant factor when vying for succes

How to Become Successful in Life
by Denis Chaykovskiy in Careers & Job Searching
Many dream of fame, money, and success. This article will help you realize the true meaning of success and how to achieve it.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions You need a goal. Without a goal, you won't be able to see a reason to try hard in life and succeed.
You should think of a strategy to achieve this goal. It doesn't need to be an exact game plan but just a blue print. You will be revis

How to Be Successful With Colleagues
by Soapy Bones in Careers & Job Searching
You do not typically get to choose your colleagues, but you can choose how to interact with them during the workweek. You need to prove yourself to colleagues on two different levels -- professionally and personally -- in order to establish healthy inter-office collaboration. On the professional end of things, your colleagues need to know that you can be trusted to follow through and produce consi

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