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How to Stop Being Superstitious
by Jpark in Culture & Society
Superstitions have been around most likely since man learned to communicate. Some cultures are centered around what American culture might consider superstitious beliefs, but these cultural beliefs are considered completely normal and expected in these cultures. However, for some individuals in America, superstition creates a difficult life with debilitating effects on daily functioning and mental

What Do Superstitious Brides Do?
by akiin in Weddings
The wedding day is the most exciting time for a bride. For some brides, all of the preparation and planning also entails upholding time-honored traditions and superstitions about the wedding. Everything from the dress to the ceremony may carry some sort of superstition with it. Hide the DressA superstitious bride will never let her future husband see the dress she plans to marry him in because

How to Overcome Superstitious Anxiety
by Pablo in Culture & Society
We have all gone out of our way to avoid things out of superstition. It just makes sense to avoid opening an umbrella indoors because it is bulky and unwieldy, we could easily knock something over and break it or poke someone in the eye. Avoiding walking underneath an open ladder is another common sense issue, we could become entangled in the ladder and make it fall, harming others or ourselves. A

What is the Meaning of a Superstitious Belief?
by Ted Leung in Culture & Society
Superstitious belief, according to its popular meaning, refers to the notion that a ritual or activity can have a positive or negative impact on the events in one's life. No empirical evidence exists to support a superstitious belief, and a pejorative use of the phrase emphasizes its irrationality. Attempts to define and explain superstitious beliefs have appeared throughout Western history, espec

What Is the Superstitious Meaning of Hiccups in Adults?
by dunlop in Culture & Society
Old wives' tales suggest that startling a child with hiccups or telling a little one to hold his breath will get rid of the hiccups. However, there are other superstitions associated with hiccups that adults sometimes subscribe to. In addition to learning about the folklore behind hiccups, it's also important to know how to cure hiccups as soon as possible. Complaints and DislikesThe Whimsy web

How to Make a Superstitious Board Game
by soulcougher73 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Most board games have an element of luck -- this is what adds variety and makes them fun to play again and again. Players must depend on luck whenever they roll a die or draw a card. But many players would enjoy going beyond the realm of mundane luck and playing a game with far more mystery to it. You can design a board game that adds superstitious significance to objects and circumstances.Difficu

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