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How to create a postgresql superuser without a superuser account?
by rgmarcha in Databases

OK...just installed Mountain Lion. First thing I noticed was that my Postgres user account was missing from the login screen. I then verified that my postgres installation was no longer working. So I created a new postgres user account on my Mac and set all the proper permission to get the postgres server to start. It started but immediately the server shutdown. I checked the log files and it s

How to Add a Superuser
by Marti in Computers
IBM's SAN Volume Controller application is a virtual server useful for IT data storage. It monitors access via various accounts. The most common account is the user account, but for maximum privileges, you need a superuser account. Each purchase of SAN Volume Controller comes loaded with one, but you can add more as needed.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Open "SAN Volume Controller." The standard W
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How to Build Superuser.apk
by Xander in Programming Languages

I'm trying to rebuild Superuser.apk from CM7 source tree. After sourcing envsetup.sh, and doing an mm in the Superuser root dir, nothing gets done, with the message "make: nothing to be done for 'all_modules'". I looked at Android.mk and it appears to me that (maybe) Superuser.apk is copied from prebuilts, yet the full source tree is present. Can anyone tell me how to re-build Superuser.apk?

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Becoming a superuser postgresql
by Jason Lin in Databases

How do i make myself a superuser on postgresql?

I keep trying to create a database and I keep getting the following errors:

createdb: database creation failed: ERROR: permission denied to create database

I'm guessing this is because i'm not a superuser but i don't know what's wrong.
Here's what i did:

> sudo su postgres
> po

How to Get Superuser Rights
by qba73 in Computers
The superuser in UNIX-based operating systems is a user account capable of just about anything. The superuser, usually named "root," can modify, move or delete any and all files, and has the rights to access to all programs and resources. With great power, however, as Stan Lee's Spider-Man famously stated, there must also come great responsibility. It's easy for the root account to damage or destr
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Android NDK superuser permissions
by zokudu in Programming Languages

I have a C program which I can run my rooted Android phone. However, in order to work correctly, the program must be run as superuser.

I now wish to call a method from this program using the Android NDK interface. What must I do to have the native code run as superuser?

How can I disable a superuser in postgres
by Indonesia in Databases

On a server I have two databases ( say db1 and db2 ). I have a superuser called user1.

My requirement is to disable user1(super user) for database db1.
So that using user1 I can only connect to db2 and not to db1.

How can this be done.

Note : postgres version is 8.0 and both the databases are on same database cluster.

How do you install numpy when you're not a superuser?
by RoBo in Programming Languages

I've downloaded the python binary file and then opened it in my home folder using

tar xzvf Python-2.7.3.tgz

This seems to work and when I run


it works great. However when I try to import numpy, apparently it is not included. I've downloaded the numpy binary and opened it in my home directory but pyt

Revoke connect from superuser
by Jason Dockery in Development Tools & Services

Is there any way to revoke connect (or preferably all) privileges on database from role that is defined as superuser on the server? On dev server we've got several databases - one of them is shared, but the rest should be owned only by one developer without connect permission for others. Currently all developers are superusers with login option.


How to Remove a Superuser on Facebook
by digiram in Internet
Facebook page superusers, also called "admins" or "administrators," have the power to create wall posts and make changes to the assigned Facebook page. If someone you assigned the superuser role to is no longer with your group or organization, consider revoking the person's privileges as an administrator. This prevents the person who is no longer affiliated with the organization from making change


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