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How expensive is a context switch? Is it better to implement a manual task switch than to rely on OS threads?
by Wisconsin in Network & Servers

Imagine I have two (three, four, whatever) tasks that have to run in parallel. Now, the easy way to do this would be to create separate threads and forget about it. But on a plain old single-core CPU that would mean a lot of context switching - and we all know that context switching is big, bad, slow, and generally simply Evil. It should be avoided, right?

On that note, if I'm writi

Eclipse does not retain my unsaved editing when I switch to another buffer and then switch back
by Bunny loves data in Web Design

I frequently lose my editing in Eclipse when I switch from a buffer to another. I am using MugSoft's Enacs+'s plugin in Eclipse. This plugin allows one to use most of the Emacs shortcuts in Eclipse. But I feel often confused when I switch to some buffer using "ctrl + b" and then switched back using the same shortcut. My unsaved editing in the original buffer got abandoned definitively by Eclips

How to Change a Light Switch to a Motion-Sensing Wall Switch
by Bado in Home & Garden
A motion sensing wall switch turns on the light when you or a family member walks into a room. The eye of the switch senses motion and heat radiating from your body as long as you are within the switch’s field of vision. Changing your current light switch to a motion-sensing wall switch in bathrooms, hallways and dark basements allows even the smallest member of your family to enjoy hands-fr

How to Change a 3 Flip Switch to a Single Electrical Light Switch
by keyed in Home & Garden
Change a 3-flip switch to a single-pole switch when you want to turn on or off several circuits at the same time. This can easily be done by first replacing the single 3-flip switch with a single-pole switch and combining, from the lights you want to control, the three black wires to a single black wire, the three white wires to a single white wire and the three bare ground wires to a single bare

iPhone: Attempt to Switch Views Produces EXC_BAD_ACCESS on the Third Switch Only
by ondrej in Mobile Programming

I have implemented an app that shows a map with a lot of pins on it.
If you push one pin you get on a second view that shows the data behind the pin.
A button takes you back to the map.

My problem is that by the third touch on a pin the program crashes with a EXC_BAD_ACCESS in this method:

- (void) switchViews {
if(self.details == ni

How to Remove a Fan Switch in a Bathroom With Double-Pole, Fan-Switch Wiring
by zclin in Home & Garden
Removing an electrical switch is a fairly straightforward maintenance task, but you do need to exercise extreme caution when doing it as you're dealing with electricity. This is especially true when removing a double-pole switch. This is a switch that is designed for use with large electrical appliances, such as water heaters or some larger fans. The process for removing a double-pole switch is es

How to Change a Home Wall Light Switch to a Timer Switch
by Samuel K in Home & Garden
Digital timers that can control when lights go on and off in your home can improve your home security, add to your decor and even save energy. Several currently available timers are designed to fit into standard wall switch openings, and are wired exactly as you would wire a light switch. It's a relatively simple home project for the do-it-yourselfer.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Thing

C nested switches: outer switch's case inside inner switch
by Matt Brewer in Web Design

I'm adding coroutine support to an interpreter I'm writing and I'd like to do something like the following:

typedef enum {
} Bar;
typedef enum {
} Foo_state;
Foo_state do_foo(Bar bar,Foo_state foo)

If error then switch vs. switch with “good” case
by Erik in Coding

I'm not very familiar with machine code, but I think this is a pretty simple question.
If I want to do error handling via an integer returned from a function (as opposed to the function throwing an exception), is it better practice—from a machine code standpoint—to:

Check the integer in a conditional statement for a "bad" value, and then use a switch statement to handle the "b

Cocoa switch focus to application and then switch it back
by ShiggityShaw in Programming Languages

I want to create OS X application which shows up and getting focused with system-wide hotkey, and then, with same hotkey it should dissapear and switch focus back. Just like Alfred does it.

The problem is that I can't focus back on application previously used. By focusing back I mean that I can't continue typing in previous app.

Here is my hotkey handler:

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