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Microbenchmark showing process-switching faster than thread-switching; what's wrong?
by Marti in Programming Languages

I have two simple microbenchmarks trying to measure thread- and process-switching overheads, but the process-switching overhead is turning out to be lower than that of thread-switching, which is unexpected. The setup: 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, Linux 2.6.32-21-generic x86_64 (Ubuntu 10.04). I'm getting:

~2.1-2.4us per process switch
~4us per thread switch

I tried also run

What Is Video Switching?
by Norway in Electronics
Video switching involves working with multiple tracks of videotape to create a composite project. The video switcher, also known as a video mixer, is a control interface that allows the user to edit video footage, add effects and create transitions. Video switching, as a practical form of image editing and an artistic process, has been largely replaced by digital editing in the 21st century. Pr

What Is HDMI Switching?
by Delaware in Electronics
HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) is the connector of choice for delivering uncompressed audio and video streams between high-end electronic components such as receivers, televisions, Blu-Ray players, digital cable boxes and more. When you have more components with HDMI output availability than you have HDMI inputs, you will need a device called an HDMI switch. FunctionThe function of

How to use the COM port for switching
by Francois in Programming Languages

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what is all involved in developing an interface that will use the COM port to switch a set of dry contacts on and off?

I have an application that I am developing at present that needs to control an external switch that uses wires. The COM port should switch between a short and an open.

Can someone tell me what is all invol

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How can i know if switching to a particular VisualState is over or not?
by Niels Kloster in Operating Systems

How can i get notified when switching to a particular VisualState is complete or not?

Example. VisualStateManager.GoToState(this, "UnloadState", true);

In above case i want to get notified when switched to UnloadedState is completed.

Thanks in advance :)

Qt switching between views
by MeldarthX in Operating Systems

How do I switch between the two screens on the Qt?

For example, I have a button - static text plus a toolbar. Now I will add it to a frame and set it as a central widget. It works well for one window.

What if I move it to the next window? Then I need to show some other stuff like another button, some images etc... and what if I come back to the first view again?

How do I

The Importance of Switching to CFL
by danielsdesk in Home & Garden
Thomas Edison invented incandescent light bulbs, and over 100 years after he introduced the first one, they were still the only kind available. Fluorescent tube lighting has been common throughout much of the 20th century, but compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) didn't become widely available until 1995. CFLs give consumers an energy-efficient lighting option, but they have drawbacks. One of the most

Bank switching in PIC mcu
by Skipholiday in Programming Languages

Usually I do a banksel before every GPR access but I find that I have many unecessary lines. So, the question is this. I do some calls to subroutines that access diferent memory banks than the calling routine. Is it a good idea to save in a GPR, the STATUS register, for maintaining the current bank and switch back to it before returning or what is the optimal way of doing this?

TAGS : Bank switching

iPhone app switching
by squarecut1 in Mobile Programming

Is it possible to run an iPhone app from your own app?
For example when you press a button in your app, the iPhone switches to another app.
If so, how would you do this?

TAGS : iPhone switching

Jquery and CSS switching - is this possible?
by dawp in Programming Languages

I build a css file using PHP which allows me to easily customize the color of many elements. Is it possible for me to "rebuild" the stylesheet and apply it to the page in the DOM using Jquery?


if (isset($_POST['mycolor'])){
$myColor = $_POST['mycolor'];
} else {
$myColor = "blue";
<style type='text/css'>
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