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“Semantics” of CSS rules: table, table-row, table-cell
by sub-80 in Web Design

I've been using those properties, especially display: table-cell, a lot lately. It's well supported in modern browsers and it has a lot of benefits for some grids and for aligning content very easily, without the need of tricky markups. But in the last few days I have seen people talking about this, as it were a bad practice/approach using those attributes, like in this answer.

Data table with fixed table head and scrollable table body using CSS only
by boonchew in Web Design

There are many solutions to this, but I have few constraints to add up to this problem which makes it difficult to achieve.

I was working on this table with fixed header and scrollable body using only CSS (no javascript/jquery) and flexible column widths (so that the table gets resized on window resize). Also to make this compatible in all possible browsers including IE6.


Navigation bar with CSS table-layout property (problems with table-cell and table-row)
by Funkwarrior in Web Design

I'm trying to make a responsive navigation bar that has undetermined number of links on the left side and a search button on the right side.

Links should be equal width no matter how many, and search button should be 50px wide. Responsive comes into play when screen width is less than 768px.

I'm using CSS table-layout: fixed as well table-cell a

How to create a merge table from a partitioned table and a unpartitioned table
by evisseliaib in Databases

I have a partitioned table and an unpartitioned table in a mysql table. I will like to create a union merge table for the two tables. The problem is, after creating the merge table, I get this error when I try to access the table: Unable to open underlying table which is differently defined or of non-MyISAM type or doesn't exist

When I run the check table command on it,

How do you get variables from rows from a table into a column table? (example) (pivot table?)
by ezzze in Databases

I have trouble explaining my problem in words. so thats why my table examples:

let say i want a result table like:

user_id |data_a |data_b
1 |hello |world

and i need to extract it out of the table "dataset" in this form

data_id |user_id|data_type |data_data
1 |1 |data_a |hello
2 |1 |d

How can i add a table first colum heading. whole table is coming from a table.js library
by Alan Xu in Web Design
BA.Table.prototype.drawHeader = function()
if ( ! this.headHTML ) {
this.headHTML = $('<thead/>');
var tr = $('<tr/>');
var didSort = false;
if ( ! this.config.noIndex ) {
var th = $('<th class="table_index"></th>');
for( v

Need to get all the Table data items (one set per Table row) in each row of html table into the servlets
by SystemOverclock in Web Design

I have a Table in my html page which contains three table data items (one checkbox, one textbox and one select box in each row) in each row.
I need to retrieve the table rows in which the checkbox is checked into the servlets..
I strucked in the middle..Please fix the issue..

Thank you all in advance..

MySQL match table column from another table for all table with same query?
by cerebusPu in Databases

I have "users"

user_id usr_name email
1 john john@yahoo.com
2 mike mike@gmail.com
3 tom tom@hotmail.com

table "positions"

pod_id pos_name magic_id email
1 carpenter 22 mike@gmail.com
2 driver 33
3 guard 44 john@yahoo.com
Can I select a set of rows from a table and directly insert that into a table or the same table in SQL?
by Asif in Databases

Hi all I was just curious if I could do something like -

insert into Employee ( Select * from Employee where EmployeeId=1)

I just felt the need to do this a lot of times...so just was curious if there was any way to achieve it..

Right join a table twice to a second table with each alias inner joined to to a third table's two aliases
by Insert_Nickname in Programming Languages

Maybe I'm going about it the wrong way. Here is what I'm trying to do and my problem.

I have 3 tables.
assets (a computer, network device, etc)
ports (a port on the computer, network device, etc)
port_connections (has a port_id_a and port_id_b field and links each port and therefor each asset together)

It's really just a way to track vlans and network devi

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