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#1005 - Can't create table on ALTER TABLE when connecting table via FOREIGN KEY
Category : Databases

I am working on a homework assignment. I have to build a database for a video store. All of the following works:


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“Semantics” of CSS rules: table, table-row, table-cell
Category : Web Design

I've been using those properties, especially display: table-cell, a lot lately. It's well supported in modern browsers and it has a lot of benefits for some grids and for aligning content very easily, without the need of tricky markups. But in the last few days I have seen people talking about this, as it were a bad practice/approach using those attributes, like in this answer.

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Data table with fixed table head and scrollable table body using CSS only
Category : Web Design

There are many solutions to this, but I have few constraints to add up to this problem which makes it difficult to achieve.

I was working on this table with fixed header and scrollable body using only CSS (no javascript/jquery) and flexible column widths (so that the table gets resized on window resize). Also to make this compatible in all possible browsers including IE6.


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Right join a table twice to a second table with each alias inner joined to to a third table's two aliases
Category : Programming Languages

Maybe I'm going about it the wrong way. Here is what I'm trying to do and my problem.

I have 3 tables.
assets (a computer, network device, etc)
ports (a port on the computer, network device, etc)
port_connections (has a port_id_a and port_id_b field and links each port and therefor each asset together)

It's really just a way to track vlans and network devi

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How can i add a table first colum heading. whole table is coming from a table.js library
Category : Web Design
BA.Table.prototype.drawHeader = function()
if ( ! this.headHTML ) {
this.headHTML = $('<thead/>');
var tr = $('<tr/>');
var didSort = false;
if ( ! this.config.noIndex ) {
var th = $('<th class="table_index"></th>');
for( v

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How to create a merge table from a partitioned table and a unpartitioned table
Category : Databases

I have a partitioned table and an unpartitioned table in a mysql table. I will like to create a union merge table for the two tables. The problem is, after creating the merge table, I get this error when I try to access the table: Unable to open underlying table which is differently defined or of non-MyISAM type or doesn't exist

When I run the check table command on it,

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Can I select a set of rows from a table and directly insert that into a table or the same table in SQL?
Category : Databases

Hi all I was just curious if I could do something like -

insert into Employee ( Select * from Employee where EmployeeId=1)

I just felt the need to do this a lot of times...so just was curious if there was any way to achieve it..

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How do you get variables from rows from a table into a column table? (example) (pivot table?)
Category : Databases

I have trouble explaining my problem in words. so thats why my table examples:

let say i want a result table like:

user_id |data_a |data_b
1 |hello |world

and i need to extract it out of the table "dataset" in this form

data_id |user_id|data_type |data_data
1 |1 |data_a |hello
2 |1 |d

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Need to get all the Table data items (one set per Table row) in each row of html table into the servlets
Category : Web Design

I have a Table in my html page which contains three table data items (one checkbox, one textbox and one select box in each row) in each row.
I need to retrieve the table rows in which the checkbox is checked into the servlets..
I strucked in the middle..Please fix the issue..

Thank you all in advance..

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MySQL match table column from another table for all table with same query?
Category : Databases

I have "users"

user_id usr_name email
1 john john@yahoo.com
2 mike mike@gmail.com
3 tom tom@hotmail.com

table "positions"

pod_id pos_name magic_id email
1 carpenter 22 mike@gmail.com
2 driver 33
3 guard 44 john@yahoo.com
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