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Issue with Tablet 10.1“ WXVGA and Tablet WSVGA 7”
by Jason Dockery in Programming Languages

I have an activity that contains a LayoutView with a png as background to give a nice frame effect as the rest of the app, ad a listView loaded in this LayoutView .

I have tested the app with all screen sizes and resolutions profiles in the latest version of ADT and works fine with all screen, but with these configuration

-Tablet 10.1" WXVGA mdpi

-Tablet WS

How do I Use a Tablet Graphic Pen Tablet for Photo Editing?
by Icyflash in Computers
A graphic tablet enables you to use natural hand strokes to edit photos. The pen that comes with the graphic tablet works similar to a pen or pencil. One end of the tablet pen does the editing and drawing while the other ends erases. Tablets made for professionals offer over a thousand sensitivity levels enabling you to create thin strokes with light pressure and thick strokes with heavy pressure,

Android: Flashlight working fine in Galaxy 10 inch Tablet but not in Galaxy 7 inch Tablet
by enginecrew in Programming Languages

I am using android's Flash Light to turn on the flashlight from within my app,
its working fine for
1.Sony Xperia
2.Galaxy Tab 10 inches
But, accidentally the same code is not working for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inches.

The method i have written is :

private void toggleFlashlight() {
Parameters p = mCamera.getParameters();
if (!mTo

Dataloss at connection android tablet -> lan - RS232 converter, but not on android tablet ->winpc pc -> converter
by Salikh in Android

i have a big problem and i doubt about my intellect... I connected my android tablet (intenso tab814) to a RS232 converter (USR-TCP232-E) via a router (TL-WR740-N) and i send 7 hexadezimal bytes in a block, kinda 03 20 05... with further numbers. My problem is, if i let my tablet send, the converter receives the data, but does not submit it to a listening program on an pc behind the converter c

detect 7 inch tablet and 10 inch tablet programatically
by flakekun in Programming Languages

Is there a way to find programtically, the 7 inch tablet and 10 inch tablet.

how to install load,install the apk in karbonn tablet and how to add the file manager in karbonn tablet.?
by CodeAndLearn in Programming Languages

We are developing some android application.It used android 1.6

When we deploy the application in that application samsung tablet it will work

But if we try to deploy into karbonn tablet, we cannot deploy it.

There is no file manager in karbonn tablet.

There is a seperate folder (for sd card ) is displayed in applications options .It will correctly come

What Can a PC Tablet Do?
by jkjambo in Computers
Tablet PCs are lightweight and small, providing flexibility and mobility to busy professionals. Using the touch screen allows users to quickly enter information in their own handwriting and then store the information directly onto the PC. TypesThe two types of Tablet PCs include the Convertible Tablet and the Pure Tablet. The screen of a Convertible Tablet can be twisted 180 degrees and laid fl
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Tablet PCs & Their Uses
by kaktos in Computers
A tablet PC's compact, convertible characteristics in slate or LCD-screen format has made it a popular portable PC amongst users. The near full-featured PC capabilities coupled with the lightweight format of a tablet PC has seen its adoption in wide industry applications. Presentations UsageAcademicians, speakers, designers, medical center and healthcare technicians as well as artists can cust
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What Are Tablet PCs Used For?
by Boyer C. in Computers
Pen computing has been around since the late 1980s, but it wasn't until 2002 that Microsoft reintroduced pen computers as "tablet PCs," spurring a new wave of pen computing popularity. After the revitalization in 2002, the product was developed by numerous top PC manufacturers. Since the successful 2002 reintroduction, tablet PCs have found niche uses in many home and work environments.
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What Is a Tablet PC Used for?
by Wes in Computers
Tablet PCs allow users to perform pen computing tasks, a distinctive type of operation used in many niche marketplaces. While regular computing tasks are also accessible from Tablet PC interfaces, they are not focal selling points for most users. Though early pen computing devices suffered sluggish sales, Tablet PCs are becoming increasingly popular as they are adapted for use in many situations.
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