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How to Be Talented
by Djuxy in Arts & Entertainment
Being talented means tapping into your natural ability in the arts, sciences or athletics. It is about learning or doing anything in a superior way, which shows that you are gifted. Discovering your natural talent takes dedication and hard work. Knowing how to be talented takes a concentrated effort on your part, as described in these steps.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Discover your talent. Take
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How to Become a Talented Young Actress
by Henry in Arts & Entertainment
It's an old joke that stems from an urban legend. A tourist stops a famous performer on a New York street one day; in some versions it's renowned violinist Jascha Heifitz, in others pianist Arthur Rubenstein. The tourist asks, "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" Not missing a beat, the seasoned New Yorker replies, "Practice, practice, practice!" Learning how to become a talented young actress is mu

How to Raise Talented Kids
by Wes in Parenting
Some say that talent is an innate quality, while others argue that it develops with age. As a parent, the distinction shouldn't bother you too much. Your job is to raise children who are well-adjusted to their environment, happy with who they are and able to achieve their goals. Children exhibit certain talents early on, and it is also your job to notice the talent and to do everything in your pow

What Are Gifted and Talented Students?
by Massachusetts in Education
Everyone is born with different abilities regarding learning and maintaining information. These abilities become more apparent as you enter your school years starting with elementary school and progressing well into college and postgraduate work. For some students, gifted or talented students, learning is much easier than for others and, as such, may require a different learning style or environme

How to Retain Talented Employees
by sdifox in Business
A talented work force is an employer's most valuable asset. Human resources---the talent, skills and contributions your employees bring to the workplace---can make or break your organization. Company productivity and profitability depend almost solely on your work force. Therefore, retaining talent is extremely important to executive leadership and human resources departments. Activities related t

Strategies for Gifted and Talented Students
by python in Education
Just like all children, every gifted student has unique learning needs. Gifted students have certain characteristics that give them a learning advantage, but these characteristics vary by student. Once identified, gifted students are often placed into pull-out programs, which means that they leave their class regularly for enrichment sessions. Yet gifted students also need to be adequately challen

How to Work With Gifted & Talented Students
by mysql in Education
Gifted students are often hard for teachers or parents to work with. These students are exceptionally bright and often become bored with the typical classroom setting of their peers. Though they are very intelligent and capable of learning at a very fast pace when compared with others their age, parents and teachers can find working with these children difficult or shocking. Unlike their peers,

Gifted & Talented Activities for Kindergarten
by ajjaeger in Education
There is a small percentage of students in every kindergarten class that are fast learners or have special talents. Those who learn quickly may become bored, distracted or even disruptive if their needs are not met. Some kids will show obvious signs of precocious talent in music or art. These students must be challenged and motivated to help them reach their highest potential. MusicProvide kids

How to Meet the Needs of Gifted & Talented Students
by Imaginer in Education
Under federal law, gifted and talented students are defined as demonstrating high achievement capability in an academic, creative or other field and requiring specific services or programs to ensure they reach their full potential. Teaching a gifted and talented student can be a demanding and challenging task. However, with the right support and educational strategies, gifted and challenging teach

How to Respond to Gifted & Talented Students
by kodeninja in Education
Classrooms are filled with many types of students. Each student is unique and has certain strengths and weaknesses. You may find some students need more help in completing assignments, while others are ahead of the class. The gifted child may finish her assignments before everyone else, be at a higher level of reading comprehension than other students and ask more questions. However, she can beco

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