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Problems With Google Talk and Yahoo Talk on a Sony VAIO Laptop
by Massachusetts in Internet
Google Talk and Yahoo Voice provide low-cost and free ways to talk with others around the world from your Sony VAIO laptop. Occasionally, problems can occur with your video and voice chatting that can make it difficult to converse. Depending on the cause, the resolution can be as simple as adjusting your settings or updating the software. SettingsCheck the settings for Google Talk and Yahoo Voi

How to Talk in Ventrilo Without Push to Talk
by amiT jaiN in Computers
While using a VOIP application to communicate with your friends and family when doing an activity such as playing a video game, you may wish to avoid having to press a button each time you wish to talk. The reason most VOIP applications default to the push-to-talk method is to avoid a constantly open microphone. However, if you are communicating with close friends and family, this is not as import

How can I configure Apache to map /talk.html?id=77 to the file that is called talk.html?id=77?
by okhomenko in Development Tools & Services

I have a web application of a conference that has been closed years ago. There is no real need for the application to be running any more so I'd like to create static pages from the dynamically generated pages.

I ran wget http://site.name.org/ and now I have bunch of files called talk.html?id=77 with numbers from 1-300

How can I configure Apache to map the request of

How to Get Talk Box Sound Without a Talk Box
by JGKelly in Arts & Entertainment
The talk box is an effect which allows a guitar to take on vocal qualities and approximate a human voice. It does so by using the guitarist's mouth to shape the sound, allowing the guitar to pronounce words. Unfortunately, consumer talk boxes are somewhat expensive. However, it is fairly simple to construct an apparatus that provides a basic talk-box effect out of readily accessible materials.Diff

How to Talk to a Man
by amenx in Relationships & Family
Talking to men can be a real head-scratcher for some women. Why? Men think and respond very differently than women. But there are a few basics that make dialogue with a man easy -- no matter if he is your husband or your blind date.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Talk slowly. When women get excited about something, they tend to speak very quickly. This makes it hard for anyone, not just a man,
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How to Tell if You talk too much and what to do if You do
by dagar in Relationships & Family
Some people have trouble telling the difference between being a good conversationalist and talking too much. Unfortunately, not everyone is good at determining how much talking achieves a good balance. Once you recognize that you talk too much, you can take steps to stop doing it. Here is how to tell if you talk too much and what to do if you do.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions How to Tell if Yo
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How to Talk to Someone About Becoming a Nun
by zac in Culture & Society
Many girls and women from Catholic, Christian and Buddhist backgrounds consider becoming a nun. Their belief in God, or faith in Buddha's teachings, makes them feel happy and fulfilled, and becoming a nun seems like the right choice to them. Often, they would like to speak to a family member or friend and talk through their decision, but may be afraid since they think the person will judge them. I

How to talk your mom into saying yes
by Chunkee in Relationships & Family
There’s something you really want and you suspect your mom will not agree to it. Whether you want a new pet, a new purse, or to go to an event, it can seem like the end of the world if you don’t get it. Whether that is true or not, you want your mom to come around and see your point of view. Can you get her to say "Yes?" It is quite possible. Read on to learn how to talk your mom i
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How Do I Talk Through My DS?
by Jules in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Nintendo DS is a portable video game console that features a top screen, a bottom touch-screen and built-in microphone. A variety of DS games utilize the microphone, including "Nintendogs," "Brain Age" and "Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir." When you first talk into the microphone, the DS voice recognition system is used to make your voice compatible with the actions necessary in the game. It's
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How to Get a Guy to Always Want to Talk to You
by Kuer in Relationships & Family
It's a great feeling and a boost for your self-confidence when you see a guy approaching you, smiling and hoping to continue a conversation you started earlier. Try these tricks to get someone you like to want to talk to you as much as you want to talk to him.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Discover what topics he's passionate about. If you're enthusiastic when listening to him discuss h
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