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Toilet Tank Runs for a Second and the Water Level in the Tank Drops
by changke in Home & Garden
A toilet’s tank should maintain the same water level between flushes, so when the water level drops and the tank refills periodically you need to start looking for problems with the toilet. Leaks in the tank allow water to escape when it should stay put, and leaks may allow water to damage the bathroom floor and the ceiling that sits below unless you take steps to fix the toilet. Phantom

How to Make a 29 Gallon Fish Tank Into a Salt Water Tank
by scsscs in Pets
Saltwater fish have amazing colors and are truly breathtaking to view. Having a saltwater fish tank in your home can be a daily joy and an interesting hobby. However, setting up and maintaining a saltwater aquarium is not for the faint hearted. It requires much preparation, patience, and consistency, but the end result will be well worth it.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need

How to Restore the Bacteria in a Septic Tank System Aeration Tank
by gamefreakgcb in Home & Garden
An aeration septic system is used when a conventional system is not practical. This may be due to space limitations, terrain issues, or the type of soil present. An aeration system requires more frequent pumpings and is more susceptible to problems caused by contaminants entering the system. The aeration system uses the bacteria present in the waste products as well as bacteria present in the air

How to Convert a Rectangle Live Well Tank Into a Shad Tank
by billputer in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Converting a rectangular live well tank to a shad tank will save handy fishermen the hundreds of dollars it would cost to purchase a new shad tank. The project requires minimal knowledge of construction and is usually completed in a weekend, so you spend less time in the shop and more time on the lake. A converted tank allows fishing enthusiasts to take more live bait with them on a fishing excurs

How to Flush a Hot Water Tank to Clear Sediment Out of the Tank
by joth in Home & Garden
Water heaters accumulate sediment in the bottom of the tank regardless of the water source. The sediment consists of minerals, sand and gravel. Over time, the built-up debris lessens the efficiency of the heater. The sediment may also damage the tank and the heating elements in electric-powered water heaters. Draining or flushing the water heater should be a part of a six-month maintenance process

How to Turn a Freshwater Tank Into a Salt Water Tank
by Joe in Pets
An aquarium full of fish and other wildlife is a simple and relatively easy way to bring animals into your life. Keeping a saltwater tank opens up a realm of new possibilities. Saltwater fish are more colorful than freshwater fish, and there is a greater variety of marine life that can live in saltwater. But saltwater tanks also come with greater challenges, like maintaining the water alkalinity a

How to Turn a 10 Gallon Tank Into an Arboreal Tank
by postino in Pets
Many reptile species prefer vertically oriented tanks or enclosures that offer plenty of climbing space rather than floor room. Arboreal-style tanks can be difficult to come across, however, and costly to purchase from specialty reptile shops. A standard 10 gallon terrarium or aquarium can be easily converted into an arboreal cage for your reptile simply by standing the cage on end and building a

What Causes a Toilet Tank to Overfill and Flow Over the Top of the Tank?
by MikeT in Home & Garden
While the insides of a toilet tank may resemble a Rube Goldberg-type invention, each piece plays a significant part in the correct operation of the toilet. If you look inside the tank, you’ll see a float on a rounded thick wire or shaft, a chain, flush valve, flapper or ball, an overflow tube, refill tube and a lever. In new toilets, there are safeguards to prevent the tank from overflowing,

Problems With the Distribution Tank in a Septic Tank
by David Marchant in Home & Garden
The use of septic tanks is common in homes in rural areas of the country. A septic tank consists of a tank, a distribution tank or box and a leach or distribution field. The distribution box is part of the leach field and controls the flow of wastewater into the ground. Wastewater has many foreign elements flowing through it and creates problems with the distribution box. CloggingThe septic tan

How to Transfer Home Heating Oil Into a New Tank From the Old Tank
by Dmitry in Home & Garden
If you have oil left in your old heating oil tank after replacing it with a new one, you can save on fuel expenses by transferring the remaining heating oil to the new tank. All it takes is an inexpensive and easy-to-use siphon pump available at your local hardware store. Siphon pumps come in several varieties. They can be operated by hand, plugged into a wall socket or powered with batteries. The

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